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    Default Top water surprise

    While out on my yak-- harassing the sunnies and gills-- this fella hit my hopper pattern.

    I was throwing my 3 wt. for sunnies, gills and small LM bass. Using a #10 bright yellow hopper pattern.

    This guy hit hard, and ran for a moment until he got me into some thick hydrilla.... I wasn't so sure that I'd get him out on such light gear. several minutes and a few profanities later, I finagled him out and he proceeded to drag me around for a bit. Based on the length of the 'center console' on my yak, I estimate him to be in the 20- 22" range. Good fighter and slimy like all of the cats....

    An interesting way to end a leisurely evening of pan fishing.

    I'd heard that cats will take bugs off of the surface, but in a few years of fly fishing, I hadn't seen it-- until this year-- this is the third cat that I've taken on hoppers.

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    Default Re: Top water surprise

    That's just awesome!

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    Default Re: Top water surprise

    Hi T,

    I've caught channel cats on streamers that acted like a salmon when they made a run. Not a lot of jumping but bottom hugging bulldog runs. Cats' and carp both were a possibility on dry flies when I lived in their range.

    Great catch, I know that made the whole trip for ya,


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    Default Re: Top water surprise

    Very cool!

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    Default Re: Top water surprise

    Very cool Tony...Bet you had a great time with him...


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    Default Re: Top water surprise

    this is exactly what i was expecting to see when i saw this thread title. they will rise around here almost as good as the bluegill some times
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    Default Re: Top water surprise

    Great looking cat. Catfish and crappy are my favorite warm water fish to eat. I'd love to catch cats on a fly.
    -Tom Wilson
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    Default Re: Top water surprise

    Great catch especially on a 3 weight-- must have been a blast.

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    Congrats. I caught a bunch with my little girls on friday. I didn't get them on a fly, but I did get a bunch on an ultralight rod. They are an awful lot of fun on light lines and light rods.

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    Default Re: Top water surprise

    great fish! plus topwater on a 3 weight......had to be a blast!!



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