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Thread: My First

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    Default My First

    Let me start by saying I'm sorry. This wasn't caught on a fly rod. Just standard tackle. My goal is to eventually start fishing these guys on a fly rod, but first i need to figure these things out a bit. Get more comfortable with what is going on in general. Its safer for the fish and safer for me!

    Anyways. I went out on saturday with the goal to catch my first musky. Thanks to a great guy, I did it. There is a lot more to the story, which I'll post later. I just wanted to get the pic up for now.

    Stay tuned for more info.

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    WOW! Nice job man, what a beauty.


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    Hmmmm..... Musky on the fly? (it's becoming almost cliche at this point, but--) Diver Dan to the white courtesy phone, please. Diver Dan to the white courtesy phone......

    That is a fantastic catch!

    Hopefully diver dan will chime in here with a few tips for you (and all of us) for getting into some real monsters on the fly.

    I don't want to advocate harassing another member, but if he doesn't see this thread in a few days, I'd PM him if you have any specific questions-- IMO, He is the definitive source for all things musky and pike on the fly.


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