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    Default Re: SJ Worm for Bass fishing....?

    Quote Originally Posted by aroostookbasser View Post
    "My bad" ...... the wire is only in a 1/3 area, aids in tying it in and for forming an s like curvature inthe body.... ends move easily........fluttering in current....
    Well that makes more sense. You ahould try a chammy worm. ------Frank

  2. Default Re: SJ Worm for Bass fishing....?

    I have a few flies I use for bass in much the way a pin fisherman would. One is a wooly-bugger style body with two long (3-4 inches) feathers as tails. A larger-sice Wooly-bugger with a little extra long maribou tail works the same. I've even got some with curly-tail grubs and rattlers.Don't know how they're tied, though. I just buy 'em.My best luck is with a sink tip line, especially if the fly has a deerhair head. It will dive when you strip it, and slowly rise when you stop. That's the opposite of a jig motion, or if you use a sinking fly with a floating line, and it often triggers more strikes.
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  3. Default Re: SJ Worm for Bass fishing....?

    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
    Worms are generally used in heavy cover and that would be a problem with the exposed hook on the SJ Worm. You will need to experiment but I am sure you can work out a solution if the water conditions are OK. A setup like a drop shot may be something to try. With the drop shot you don't need to worry about the hook getting caught up in the cover. Frank
    You can drop shot with a fly setup?? Also as for the snagging issues try a hook that is offset: I made a very quick/ugly example on how to hook/tie it on the offset hook. Thats what I'm going to do later today. The way I would use it would be to get it down as far as possible with a very little bit of weight. Maybe wrap a few little wires near the eye of the hook. This would make it fall not to fast and look pretty natural. *Note Bass are notorious for grabing something on the fall to the bottom. So watch your line for any type of change. Bill Dance said it best once: "When in doubt, Set the hook". Once you have let it fall to your desired depth I would strip line but very little at a time. The best way I can exmplain it is to pull just enough to make that worm move. So maybe stripping a couple inches and at a time would be ok. The more alive you make it the better. Maybe little a few quick stripps of line may do the trick. Here is my quick/ugly example.

    Hope this helps. I am going to build a work tonight and post an image of what it looks like and if I caught anything with it

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