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Thread: unconventional quarry

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    Default unconventional quarry

    Recently i have found a fly fishing quarry that fights harder than almost any fish and takes more skill to land than any fish other than a very large shark. Living in Florida there are a great deal of alligators. While scouring for bass with my fly rod on a local golf course i saw something jump from the shore into the lake and immediately rose a small alligator. I had a cork popper i made tied on so i wasn't worried about loosing the fly because i had 4 more so i took the chance and casted the fly in front of the gator and without popping the fly once the gator snapped on it and the fight was on. After 30 minutes of what felt like a marlin on the end of my line the beast was on the shore. I called a friend to help me retrain it for a picture and as soon as i had my hands on the mouth the hook straitened out and it jerked out of my hands and into the water :'( .Gators up to 4 feet are a great fight on my 7 weight (anything bigger is just too powerful); They rip drag and can easily break a 15 pound tippet. .ive caught one 3 and 1/2 footer so far. i wasnt able to get pictures though but i expect another within the week and ill be sure to post

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    WOW, how cool is that?
    I'm glad I won't get that chance here.

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    Try it on an Iguana... mean critters I tell ya

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    hahaha an iguana would be interesting....

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    I remember small alligators grabbing my bobber when I lived in at the base golf course.



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    Default Re: unconventional quarry

    Yeah, gators are a fun fight, you can toss out a lure with no hook on it and the gator will just mouth it and fight and then you don't have to worry about getting your hands around those jaws!
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    Default Re: unconventional quarry

    This actuallly sounds pretty cool and I would love to give it a shot.

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    Some how this doesn't seem right to me. The snout of an Alligator is sensitive, they have a good sized tongue and the flap that blocks water so then can submerge. A large bass hook could do a lot of damage to an Alligator that was hooked in the wrong place. I don't want to do anything that might cause suffering to an animal. This sounds like a bad Idea to me. Where do you draw the line? Maybe we could hook a cow or a pig?

    This is not a fish and they are protected in most places. You could be breaking the law by catching one.

    I will stick with catching fish.


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    Frank is right. It can be a HUGE fine down here, and the FWC uses binocs. They never lose in court either. The fine for feeding them or "molesting" them is $500. The fine for "possession" is much greater. The definition for the "possession" of tarpon or jewfish is removing them from the water. I don't know about gators, but since their hides are quite valuable, I wouln't want to be caught in the process of "posessing" one.

    A lot of our fish here get enormous, like largemouth bass, carp, pacu and so one - not to mention tarpon, kingfish, sailfish, marlin. All put up more spectacular fights than gators, which anyone can catch with anything that moves.
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    the golf course owners hate the gators because they eat the stocked fish and i cant imagine that the fish are indifferent to being hooked but yeah alligators have alotta soft tissue

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