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Thread: bass,bluegill question...

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    I went to fish in the river today with a worm and bobber. caught 6 bluegills and a small rock bass right up on shore by the rocks. but there were fish jumping like crazy!!! I am new to fly fishing and wondered if i took my fly rod there and used a bee pattern popper or a beetle or grasshopper or some kind of fly that floats if they will hit it? It would be my 1st fish on a fly. guess i should try it tommorow? wondered what would work best? they were jumping everywhere! I got a grasshopper, a cricket, a hi vis beetle, a damselfly ,2 bee pattern poppers, a white popper with yellow/black tail, a white/grey clouser and a ant with red back. also have nymphs what would be the best to try? I wanna get my 1st catch on a fly rod! i don't know what fish they were. some were huge some were small? maybe crappie bluegills or bass? some steelies and big stuff out there also
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    I read small poppers r good and wooly buggers. also terrestrials. just wondered what u guys think will work when they r jumping like this? prolly anything with rubber legs huh? i got these small bluegill bee pattern poppers that have some fishing line glued to them like a weed guard? will bluegill be able to get a good bite on that or should i cut that off? I also have brown and black wooly buggers but its rocky and deep and didn't want to get a snag and lose fly line or whatever so i wannafloat it. plus i wanna see my fish jump and grab it out of the water. to me thats funner than the crappy sit your bobber a foot away from the shore ****. i felt like a lil kid. I want to catch them with skill plus get some practice with my fly rod for bigger fish
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    well last spring i used alot of things like small ants and wollybuggers to catch alot of blue gills and sunnies at a pond. dont kno if that will translate to what your fishing but it's worth a try. also just from knowing about bass in general if they are really active they like somthing that has alot of comotion on or in the water.

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    thnx i was not successful today but i will soon!
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