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  1. Default Frist Stillwater LM

    I don't do much flyrodding for bass, but tried a little yesterday, mixed in with my conventional tackle. I had my 9wt with me, intending to try for some carp, while out on a NYC reservoir. The carp I spotted all spooked, so I tied on a Clouser-type pattern I tied (white saddles, peacock herl, and a spot of red marabou up front) to cast a bit to the bass, which were just about ready to spawn. Many were already on beds.

    This 4lb+ fish was caught in above a weedbed in 12FOW. This is my first stillwater LM on the fly and my first fish on this rod. I thought the 9 might be overkill, but I needed every bit of it to muscle this fish out of the weeds. It did make casting the weighted fly in the wind tolerable as well.

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    Nice bass there. Looks like it was a beautiful day out on the water too. By NYC, do you mean you caught the thing in Central Park?

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    Nice fish, great photo!
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    Beautiful Fish!

    You look just like Lars from Metallica.

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