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Thread: Catfish on a Fly

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    In 42 years of using a fly rod with small poppers and so forth, fishing for bream and bass, I'd never caught a catfish (although I caught many as a youngster, using other equipment).

    However, on May 23rd I was allowed to fish in a new pond, just 3 or 4 years old. So I followed my usual pattern, that is, a small bream sized popper, fluorescent yellow....expecting to catch a pretty good batch of bream, and maybe even a decent sized bass or two (my average is about one bass per 10bream or so).

    Imagine my surprise when on my fourth or fifth cast, a huge roll on top of the water signaled a huge fish, one that ran deep, and ran fast. I quickly realized my only recourse was to allow the fish all the line it wanted, while of course, keeping a substantial tension on 'im. That meant walking/running along the bank, hauling line in, and letting line out, and while it never jumped out of the water like a bass, the blue colored fish would come to the surface just enough to pull a 180 and get a new lease on life and strength, and away he'd go again, pulling like a train.

    Well Sir, that one weighed in at over three pounds. Shortly thereafter, I followed up with a 2.5 pound bass, then yet another big catfish, slightly bigger than the first.

    That began a month of fishing once or twice a week, either at sundown or sunrise, and each trip, up to number nine, gave at least another bigger yet catfish. They were distinctly blue, but the pond's owner assured me they were a hybrid channel catfish. And not only so, but not one bream in ten trips to the pond. I would catch several small bass, maybe even at least one or two bass running a couple of pounds, but never a bream.

    The owner feeds the fish, and I suppose that accounts for their willingness to feed on top water lures (so far, with one exception, a mouse, I've caught all mine on poppers).

    Trip number nine was a bust, with not one fish. But number ten? That one netted me a 4.5 pound catfish, along with a 3 pound bass and 4 smaller bass.

    Pound for pound, I suppose nothing can fight stronger than bluegill, shellcrackers and sun-perch. But a catfish can outfight a bass, both in depth and strength of runs, number of runs, and pure energy available for the job.


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    Lucky enough to get out last night for Cats and this was the smallest of the night. The other one I landed was 35 inches. What a riot.

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    I have got to try that. What flys do you use for cats?

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    The pattern I have the most luck with is the DDH Leech. I know I posted here quite a while ago. If you can't find it let me know and I will post it again. The color was brown.

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    i caught one on a prince nymph with a strike indicator. wasn't as big as yours but it was the biggest fish i have caught fly fishing so far. don't got a pic of it tho.
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    A very under rated game fish on the fly. There is no give up in these critters.

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    Add the beadhead black wooly bugger to the catfish list!
    My cousin caught a pretty big cat today on the black beadhead bugger! he also caught a bluegill. it was pretty slow tho. the copper john worked too on a rock bass. i got a snag while helping my cousin tie a nail knot. I caught my thumb with the damn wooly bugger so hard it broke off the line! now i don't know why but i didn't feel it and it was way past the barb! i pulled and pulled and couldn't get the damn thing out! so being tough I grabbed the foreceps and pulled with alot of strength and it finally popped it out ! ouch! that wasn't a fun experience. at least i didn't feel it at all? must of missed the nerves lol. surprised it wasn't to the bone. oh well at least I caught something lol
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    Hi George,

    It sounds like you did not have the barb flatten. If not, you need to get into the habit of de-barbing your hooks. Makes it a lot better on the fish and a whole lot easier to remove from yourself. The best way to handle a barbed hook into yourself is to push the hook on through. Then cut off the end and remove the hook. It is a lot easier to push through than to pull out. Of course it doesn't push through bone very good.

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    thnx frank! hopefully i will never have to try that out in the future. lol. i guess since i've hooked so many fish over the years its only right to hook myself. well maybe not. lol at least my cousin caught that catfish on the bugger tho. it was muddy water so i told him to use black. i heard somewhere that fish sometimes see only black when the water is murky. guess he saw that black bugger! i can't wait to get back out there! keep ya posted! i will try not to hook myself again tho. lol
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    tan hares ear nymph + beadhead + $20 6wt Fly combo = Catfish!
    so far I've caught a catfish on this nymph and the prince nymph. my cousin caught one on a black wooly bugger. seems they bite alot of the flies! wonder if they would take any top flies?
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