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Thread: Where.....

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    Where did everybody go? Did everybody get mad and leave. This is no way to be, post up. It's a good day to be posting.

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    That's a good question. I'm not sure what the answer is. Posting definitely decreased when we changed the forum style and web host. I feel that perhaps we lost a few because of the unfamiliarity with the new system. The new vBulliten forum system is better than what we had. It offers the membership more options and the overall appearance and functionality is much better.

    After the change, some folks couldn’t even find us. Their computer settings kept taking them to the old site which was not working. We tried to update and educate everyone but I'm not convinced that it worked.

    So maybe we're in the "starting over again" mode. I will soon promote this forum on several of the high traffic fly fishing web sites. When that happens you'll see posting take off as well as membership numbers. When the ads start, so will the monthly prize drawings. That will also help increase our traffic. When I run these ads I'll let everyone know so they'll be expecting the up-swing.

    So come on folks... start posting again.


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