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    Default December bassin'

    We've had an unusually warm couple of days here in NW Ohio. It's been in the 50's! I thought I'd go down to the ponds and give it a shot. I was using a size 10 lead-eye bugger and I ended up with two nice largemouth bass and a bluegill. They were surprisingly aggressive in the cold water considering the violent strikes and complete inhalation of the fly. It felt great to be able to use the fly rod around Christmas and catch a few fish! However, it did feel strange because I'm usually walking on the water by now. But I'm not complaining one bit!

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    Default Re: December bassin'

    Nice fish, especially given the time of year! Is that your usual pattern for bass? If so, I might have to check it out, as I will likely be headed to a bass pond at least once when I get down to Florida, just to break up what will hopefully be gratuitous amounts of saltwater fishing.
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gatortransplant View Post
    Nice fish, especially given the time of year! Is that your usual pattern for bass?
    Yes sir! Lead eyes for deep, bead chain for shallow. The bass around here really dig the contrasting colors too. White and pink are hot colors as well. If you use white and pink, you may get into some of those pesky crappie.

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    Funny we are members of the same forums Nice fish!!
    I don't measure it, I don't weigh it, I simply admire it's beauty and then release it back to it's home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benjaminrogers View Post
    Funny we are members of the same forums Nice fish!!
    Thank ya! I'm always running into people I've met on different forums.

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    Default Re: December bassin'

    nice!! great to see warmwater species being caught this time of year
    i went out yesterday for a last hurrah and all i found was this



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    Default Re: December bassin'

    Very nice to catch fish this time of year! I had a little time this past weekend and headed up to my favorite creek close to home. I was hopeful but as I drove up the canyon I saw the water frozen. When I saw a three foot waterfall frozen, I knew it was hopeless. We've had some cold spells recently that even the mild weather we've been having couldn't undo. Have to head down to a tailwater...

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    Default Re: December bassin'

    I can dig this, I took a new rod out and popped it's fish cherry on a bass about that same size today. But good lord, I don't remember 39 feeling so cold... or it might have been the 20 mph wind.

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    I had to fight a lot of wind today. I grabbed the wrong rod by mistake and it was....difficult. The rod was my father-in-law's and it desperately needs new line. It's a 6wt that has a kinked, coiled, and abused DT4F line.

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