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Thread: big fish not biting my flies

  1. Default big fish not biting my flies

    i fished the vermilion river so far with nymphs and top water bugs and all i catch is bluegills and smaller bass and shad all day and i have caught a couple big cats on nymphs tho. i have used a black bugger an caught 2 huge gills compared to what size i usually catch. but this is my 1st year flying it.
    i am starting to see the big fish not eating nymphs. seems to me i always see um chasing a minnow breaking the surface. these r big bass too! but they never bite my stuff.. i just ordered some muddler minnows and bigger wooley buggers and hoppers. i am thinking a big fish wants to eat a good sized fish not a small bug since he is lazy and don't want to eat a million small things just a couple big things.. what do u think they will bite? what sizes and what bugs or steamers to use? i have lots of flys but alot are smaller in 10's an 12's now i got a couple 6 and 8's
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    Default Re: big fish not biting my flies

    Well, I think there's some validity to the freeway-hamburger theory of big flies and big fish. It goes like this: Imagine you are stranded on the side of a busy freeway and are super hungry. There's a hamburger sitting two lanes out from the shoulder, and further down, there's a grape next to it. Which are you going to go for?

    The idea behind it is this: you, like the fish are in a secure spot and would have to expend quite a bit of energy and exposure to risk to go grab the food. Its in your best interest to pick the item with the most calories.

    On the other hand, if you've got grapes getting delivered to you on the side of the road, you won't bother with the burger. This is why small flies, delivered directly to a large fish will still lead to hookups.

    Also, bigger fish got that way by being smart, and may have been caught and released a few times, so they are tougher to fool than the young dumb fish. You will have to make your fly look more like real food to fool the bigguns.

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    Default Re: big fish not biting my flies

    Hi George,

    You should get you some size 4 and 2 streamers for bass. Even your poppers could be size 2. You may have to use your 8 wt. rod with the big bulky flies.

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    Keep in mind, the hotter the summer gets, the less HATCHES there are, so the minnow or even a leech immitation makes sense.

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    I'm with Frank on this one. Get something large. I've been using both #2 and #4 streamers. I'm planning on trying out a popper or two next weekend if I get the chance.

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    thnx guys. i will get some bigger flies. i used a daves hopper last night and caught lots of blue gills. they were killing it! i had a bite or 2 on just about every cast. they were bigger than the gills i usually catch. but maybe because this daves hopper was size 8 or 10 instead of the 12-14 size flies i usually use. thnx dave your hopper rules! lol
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    If want to catch bigger bass on flies, generally go with bigger flies. Get away from the 4 and 6 hook size, jump up to 2, but even better with flies tied with 2/0 hooks.

    You know you got the right size big fly, when you get a lot of nibbles from the smaller bass, but can't really hook them. This would make a perfect meal for a bigger bass. Using bigger flies means you catch a few less fish, but the sizes will go up.

    Up in Northern Minnesota, it's mainly baitfish now, but with crawfish still in the mix as well, but topwater poppers are doing good as well. I can go out and catch lots of little fish anytime during the day and get some big ones with little flies, but most of the time bigger flies catch the bigger bass. I won't say that small flies have their day... We have some smallies river that get a hatch of white flys (mayflys) in mid summers and hex hatches. Smallies of all sizes will key on the bugs.

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    Ummm, hamburger....

    Freeway-hamburger theory corollary: Put a hamburger right in front of the fish. A big, fat lazy man likes to lie on a couch and have his hamburger brought to him. So does a fish. Put a big, juicy meal tight to cover so he doesn't have to expend much effort to get maximum satisfaction.

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    Yo George..... get real !!!! Tie on a leech..A bunny leech!!!! Go green or black!!! Big Bass Killer...... for weight go with a beadhead. They don't call me aroostookbasser for nothing.

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    bunny leech it is! what sizes? about 6 or 8? maybe even 2's or 4?
    I will tie me a few. I need to get some strips tho.
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