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    Default go-to flies for 'gills?

    The season of tying is upon me and it seems like every year I'm searching for new patterns to fish for 'gills (and the occasional green sunfish, crappie, and bass that comes along).
    Usually end up tying several good looking patterns that soon end up in one of my "cigar boxes for flies that didn't produce" once I've had a chance to actually fish them.

    A few basic and for the most part very simple patterns seem to be the ones I always go to to actually catch fish regularly. Others may work, but if these patterns fail it's time to go home.

    Griffin's gnats in size 14 to 18
    Elk hair caddis in size 12 to 16 (also tied a few CDC & Elk -[ame=]CDC & Elk on Vimeo[/ame]- to try this year - very similar, but simpler to tie)
    PT nymphs in size 12 to 16
    Skip Morris predator in size 12 & 14
    Basic black ant pattern size 14 & 16
    And last spring an unnamed creation I tied that worked great for a few weeks in late April & early May when the shallow water was stained (muddy) by rain but warming up. Lay it close to a submerged tree and 'gills, crappie, and even bass would nail it immediately!

    It worked for a few weeks in the color shown, then the bite stopped as the water warmed & cleared up. But I plan to have a few tied for similar conditions this spring!

    What do you use as a go-to pattern for "panfish"?

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    Default Re: go-to flies for 'gills?

    The reason the last pattern worked so well is because it resembles damselfly/ dragon fly nymphs. I have found that bass and bluegill hammer those guys hard. If you have them in your water try some scuds extremely simple to tie. another thing Ive found to work well is a light hares ear flashback. and when that first cold spell hits stimulator work real well down here.

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    Default Re: go-to flies for 'gills?

    here's a thread i started a while back-



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    Default Re: go-to flies for 'gills?

    My favorites in no particular order:

    Green Weenie
    Woolly Worms
    Micro Buggers
    Foam bugs

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    Default Re: go-to flies for 'gills?

    there really isnt anything a gill wont bite...

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    Default Re: go-to flies for 'gills?

    ^^^ what he said!

    I took a friend's kids out bluegill fishing. I tied a pink marabou tail and a black soft hackle onto a #20 hook. They were hammering it! 4' bamboo sticks with old fly line and a short leader served as 'fly rods' for the youths...
    A very fun day for all. After getting skunked on bass, the 5 year old commented that, "I was not doing very well at all", so I tied on one of my 'bluegill ticklers' and caught about 5 in a few minutes for them
    At least I'm a fishing hero to someone!
    They were also picking at the crayfish pattern I was using to catch bass; for bass I try to use something too big for the bluegills to eat, so I don't have to deal with them.

    Instagram page @tblom77

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    Default Re: go-to flies for 'gills?

    Honey bugs all colors they love them..
    sandfly/ bob
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    from the outer edge of nowhere
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    Default Re: go-to flies for 'gills?

    Cap spiders in different colors. Also have had good luck with wooly worms tied on #12 hooks.
    God does not count the time you spend fishing against you.
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    Default Re: go-to flies for 'gills?

    I was having great luck with a small orange popper this supper.

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    Default Re: go-to flies for 'gills?

    Chernobyl Ants work well for me. Really, any piece of foam with some rubber legs catches bream.

    I do have a wet fly for bream I like; it's made from craft store materials:

    Whatever size hook you prefer
    rust orange colored thread
    Pearl iridescent ribbon
    clear, flexible bracelet "string"
    some kind of soft hackle feathers
    peacock herl for the head.

    It looks something like this (the hackle fibers get separated more before fishing):

    Good luck!


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