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    Hey yall i am looking for the cheapest rod and real set up i can get. I live in southeastern georgia and i have small ponds and the satillia river to fish. I will only have room for short casts so its not all that important to be able to cast all that far. i would tho like to get something for trout as well. I have a budget of 100 dollars for a rod and reel, and i would like it to work for bream and trout. I am looking at a 4 weight rod and im not sure if thats too light for trout...

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    bream hunter,
    I use a 4wt for trout all the time. So far I've been successful with it. I've fished my rod here in TN on the Hiwassee, Occoee, and Tellico Rivers. I've also used it on ponds in Louisiana. So far so good. Here's the rod I am talking about White River Fly Shop Hobbs Creek Large Arbor Disc Drag Outfits -Rod & Reels. When I go fishing for bass though, I grab my grandfather's 7wt. Bluegill and such are a blast to catch on my 4wt, but with the possiblitiy of 4lb+ bass, I just want to use the 7.

    As for the rod and reel I linked, I like it. It works good on the afore mentioned rivers. Cast and handles well and breaks down easily. I don't think a 4wt is light for trout, since I know some people who use a 3wt exclusively. I believe it is a personal preferance. If you are going to be bass fishing though, I would suggest at least a 5wt, but this is my own personal opinion. Hope this helps.
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    A 4wt is plenty stout for trout. I think ECHO's 8' 4wt or even their 7'6" 3wt would work very well for you. To hit that budget you mentioned though, you'll likely have to find a combo from Cabela's or Bass Pro.

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    bream hunter,

    Not too long ago, I got a White River Indian Point setup from Bass Pro. At the time it was running about $70 or so. It's an 8'6" 5#, which may be a little long for you, but is still an awesome all-around setup. In my opinion, you can't beat it for the money. I've caught trout, crappie, bass, and one of my favorites, bream. Trout fishing for me is by far the most fun, but when I can't make it to the trout streams, I head out to the bream ponds around where I live. This rod and reel combo is quite versatile and I imagine I'll fish with it for quite some time. Here's a link if you care to have a look: White River Fly Shop Indian Point Fly Outfits

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    i would say a 3 or four weight would be fine. some ppl may think a 4 weight might be to small for bass but i have personaly seen a 6 lb bass cought on a 3wt rod. its all about what leader you use and how you handle the fish. you can't do what they do on bass masters and basically yank the fish outta the water in one pull you gotta play it, but that makes it all the more intresting.

    here is a cool web site all about small rods and fishing. Fly Fishing with Bill Byrd

    when i get a few more buck i'm gonna get a 3 weight outfit

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    For inexpensive Rod and Reels --plus Complete combo's go to: Trout Fishing and Fly Fishing
    A. Martin R&R for $14.85 -- good reviews
    B. Martin Combo for $20.70 -- good reviews
    C Pfleuger Combo for $37.87 -- no reviews yet.
    These are excellent Rods for the money. They would be good to buy for a kid or teen or female --to see if they really want to learn and take up Fly Fishing. If they get hooked -- next year or next Christmas buy them a better combo.
    If you have a "Boy's Camp" or "Summer Camp" where groups come from churches, org. etc. for a week -- these could be made available for free or rent. If they break them -- you haven't lost much.
    Check it out.
    In His Love,

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