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  1. Default Greys XF2 Carnivore 10 weight question

    looking at a Greys XF2 Carnivore 9ft 10 weight for musky on the fly. Anyone fish this rod and if so how do you like it?

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    Default Re: Greys XF2 Carnivore 10 weight question

    I haven't fished the rod so I won't comment on the quality, but kudos for atleast knowing you need a real meat stick for them.

    Atleast from personal experience once you get to eight weights and up I think a lot of rods are pretty similar to each other in their given line weight. By that i mean a hundred dollar rod will cast similar to a sage or higher end product just because to achieve that heavy rating they have to have a lot of power and be a pretty fast rod. I just don't think rod design in the higher weights has all the subtle differences it canmake in a smaller rod.

    Best I can tell you is if you can hold one put the reel you wil have on it and make sure you like the balance because its going to suck throwing such big paatters for an entire day of throwing flies that are of equivalent size to my cat sitting here next to me. And I'd that is the case you might as well try to make it as comfortable as possible.

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