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Thread: Panfish fly selection

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    I just converted (finaly) from spinning to fly- I finaly went out ot he local reservoir (Lafayette, in California- San Francisco Bay Area) and had a go at fly. I got there at about 7am (1 hour late in my book) and trew in a spin rod with an unweighted worm on one side of the bank (my insurance policy) and then proceeded to chuck a foam spider fly.. after the 2-3 nervous casts, I got my act together and was feeling confortable( I was hoping that my fish hunting abilities would transfer form spinning)... no action... I then tries to increase the animation on the fly.. then switched to a yellow popper.. no action... I spent the next 3 hours casting and getting better an dbetter but no fish action (I enjoyed this soo much- no joking) BUT in those 3 hours I got a 2 lb rainbow and 2 small bass on my worm setup... I did see two small 4 inch bass chase my popper but nothing on the fly. SO- were the fish down deep? I did try to get a beaded nymph with a small split shoot down in the deep and nothing again...

    Any suggestions? please go easy on me.

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    When they aren't taking stuff on the top, go low.

    Get a few wooly buggers in various sizes for when the poppers aren't getting results. Keep at it.

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    Sounds like you were doing the right kinds of things, and my suspicion is yours: the fish are probably deeper or may not have been there at all. You didn't catch any on the bait either, and that may be an indication they were somewhere else.

    I would say your move to the weighted nymph was the right idea. I find a for this time of year (at least here in the midwest), slower and deeper is the general rule. The one thing people seem to overlook or ignore is that going deep includes scraping/ bouncing/inching along the bottom, too. The fish may want it that way and no other way. A person who shies away from the fact that you'll snag and lose some flies and leaders will go fishless in that situation

    Use your fishing knowledge as best you can and try to do as much homework as possible. The old standbys of finding fish like cover, depth, shade, oxygen, available food, etc. are the same no matter what equipment you use.

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    I would agree that you're better off with something below the surface. Sometimes fish just won't hit a popper, but will take to a bugger like frat boys to a keg.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Thanks guys- sorry for posting in the wrong section- I will try again this saturday and report back ! I'm planning on doing a crawfish pattern drag on the bottom and some wooly buggers.. I also saw an abundance of blue damsel flies.. might try that too if I get up earlier!



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    Try using a few buggers but with a bit of crystal flash. I like using purple with a hint of purple flash. Also what I use here in NJ is a PHbeadhead but add a longer tail and a few rubber legs. make sure to add some weight to it. Not sure what the hell it looks like under water but every time I throw it out I have a hit.


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    I will try again this saturday and report back ! I'm planning on doing a crawfish pattern drag on the bottom and some wooly buggers.. I also saw an abundance of blue damsel flies.. might try that too if I get up earlier!
    Those woolly buggers will give you a passing imitation of a damsel fly nymph. If you can spot one in the water, try matching size and color. If not, a lot of damsel fly nymphs I've seen are tied using olive and brown shades.

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    They say "90% of the fish are in 10% of the Water."
    So, You have to "find" that 10%...
    In the spring you may find them any place.
    By, late spring and into mid summer Bream "bed." Usually in fairly shallow water, 1 foot to 8 foot deep. Often you can see the "dishes." in shallow water.
    I love top water. Popping bugs, foam spiders, foam bugs with rubber legs. and Gurglers. Most of my flies I tie myself. Anything with Marabou and /or Rubber legs, feelers, etc. works very well. I've been tying a lot of bead head flies [plastic beads, or hollow spinner beads 3, 4, 5mm] Anything with chenille, rubber legs, Marabou, beads, etc. -- use your imagine and creativity and use contrasting colors [black/white Red/Black Chartreuse/black].

    Keep you line wet.
    In His love,
    HotShot, [clyde]

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    I agree that your guess was right that the fish were probably deeper. The advice you have been given by all is correct. But, the next time you go out will be a different day. Different weather, moon, preasure, etc. Don't leave the poppers at home, because it may be the day they don't want something deep and want to hit the surface.

    My advice is to change your tactics more quickly. Try the top and move it fast, then moderate, then slow, then let is just sit there. Try changing colors. If that does not work, go sub-surface and try different things. If that does not work go deeper. Change spots, keep moving.

    The great thing about bream is that if they are hungry and they like what you have, you will know in just a few casts. If they don't bite - change what you are doing or where you are fishing! Bass fishermen talk about "establishing a pattern", bream fishermen need to do the same.

    Have a ball

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    thanks guys- lately I've just been giving fly tying a go.. its pretty fun. Will try the new fly combos I made (wolly bugger versions) a shot. My wife and I are finally going on our honey moon and (6 months delay due to work!) We got ourselves an island to ourselves in Fiji- She has sanctioned 2 mornings of me doing some salt fly work. Just got an 8wt setup and doing some flies for the trip. Hopefully this setup will not go to waste and I can use it on the beaches of the bay area for surf perch !

    thanks again guys- I will report when I try to get out next time. Tight lines !

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