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    Default Looking for suggestions

    I posted this on a couple other forums, but I'd like to get some input from as many folks as I can. To make a long story short, I burnt out my creativity meter temporarily as I was working on some neat patterns. I got a new fly box and designated it as my small bass and panfish box to use at ponds and small creeks/rivers. I got some old material I'd like to go through before I start using material that I mainly use in my carp and catfish box. I've done a few buggers, woolly worms, and mini-zonkers, but I'm looking for a little more zest. I'm looking to see if I can get some inspiration and assistance from folks. Here's my list of materials I'm looking to use:

    -Standard size 8 hooks from the bait store
    -Peacock Herl
    -Rabbit strips (Black, Olive, Gray, Rusty Brown)
    -Black Antron Dubbing
    -UV Ice Dub (Black)
    -Ice Dub (Rusty Brown, Peacock Black)
    -Bead-Chain eyes
    -Pink Mini-Marabou
    -Rust Brown and Yellow Marabou
    -.20 and .25 lead wire
    - Black and Rust Brown rooster necks

    Any suggestions on what to try next? Any help would be very appreciated!

    If I discover any more material, I'll add it to the list!

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    Default Re: Looking for suggestions

    I tie a small Panfish fly that flat out clobbers them. It's simple but effective. I tie it in sizes for where I'm fishing. All it is, is a small wet fly hook. The tail is Marabou, but not the fuzzy suff. You need to get big Marabou where the ends are straight like hair. That straight like hair stuff is what you want for the tail. I do a very small amount of Crystal Flash in with it, but keep it very little. It will not have the same action as thew Marabou so if you over do it, it will harn the the way the tail works. I do some with a few turns of thin lead to get them down but most of them are unweighted. Most of the time fishing panfish, deep isn't a real help. I do a chenile body and match the head to the Chenile color. No matter what colors I use, I always do a small red thread band between the body and the tail. I once fished a place for Crappies for a couple of days using this fly. The second day the other people there were mad at me for using it, like somehow it was cheating. I walked up and got an, "You didn't bring that fly again did you?" To top off POing them, I let all the fish go, It was hilareous. Very simple yet effective fly. My best colors are White tail, Chartreuse body. Purple tail, Pink body. Colors like Crappie tube jigs or Flu Flu jigs. The advantage this has over the tube jigs and Flu Flu jigs that the hardware casters are tossing is that you can fish these really slow and almost suspend them, plus the straight part of the Marabou has a very thin but lifelike motion in the water. I have tried using the more fuzzy parts, but trust me on this one, they work, but not not nearly as well. If you have friends that toss stuff like Crappie jigs, find out what colors are working best and tie this fly in that color and you will outfish the heck out of them.

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    Default Re: Looking for suggestions

    I fish the local lake and a few small ponds with a good stock of bluegill, crappie, bass, and several other "panfish".

    I tie 90% of my flies for those locations in size 12 or 14. Normally a pheasant tail nymph for sub-surface or a CDC caddis or Griffin's gnat for a dry will get action, but last year things really slowed down in late April & early May. I tied up a few buggy looking creations one evening just to use some new maribou & bead chain I had recently purchased. #14 hook, flame red maribou tail, body. & head, and fl chartreuse eyes.

    Went to the lake the next evening and things were slow as usual. I tried the PT nymphs and got a couple fish, then decided to tie on one of my new creations. Fish after fish - on almost every cast! Almost all were 8" 'gills (big for that lake), but a few crappie and one fair sized bass (14-15") fell for that fly, too.

    Took my son with me the next evening and we got the same results. We tried a few different patterns and only that maribou bug was working well.
    That action lasted for a couple weeks on the lake (in a few different locations), then that pattern stopped working as the water warmed and I went back to dries.

    I'd say for panfish drop down a couple hook sizes and go for "buggy" creations in various colors. Let the fish tell you what they're hungry for.
    That fly I tied didn't produce much all the rest of last season, but you can bet as the water warms this year it will get tried again.

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