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    Here is SE Michigan we are lucky enough to have a LOT of musky. Met someone over the weekend that ties Musky flies locally. I know for sure I want to tie some up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by chuck s View Post
    You asked for a Baby Duck so here it is: - Musky Patte Popper "Baby Duck" The Baby Duck Popper!
    I was thinking I'd do something that actually resembles a baby duck. The only way that looks like a duck is.......... OK I give up, how does it resemble a duck?

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    Default Re: Muskie River Fishing

    It's strictly impressionistic--sort of like a yarn leech resembles a leech or a like most any crayfish flies are supposed to be crawdads????? LOL

    here's more that range from the ridiculous to the sublime. baby bird/duck fly
    Baby duck contest

    http://pikeflyfishingarticles.blogsp...-williams.html another impressionistic duckling

    And last of all the McFoam Fly Duckling!

    Perhaps we need a duck fly contest?
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    that and a frog flycontest

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