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Here in the south, things are a little warmer and the bass are starting to move a little. From last Thursday...

Looks like he hasn't missed many meals. Nice job

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Like I said in my intro this morn I love to chase fish an all kinds today was no exception just decided to go for the LMB. Head out around 8:30 am temp in the mid 20's. Got to the South Fork of the Shenandoah about 9 rigged up an started flying. I worked the far side of the riffels where the water runs flat an low an behold a solid stike. A GOOD Solid 4lb Lmb. Had 2 guys come down an tell me that I wasnt going to catch a thing to cold they said then WHAM Fish On!!! HA HA HA to them. I love it when someone say you wont catch anything just makes try even harder. I just looked an said have to slow your action down an be willing to work the hole Anyways its was a good morn to chase the warm weather bass..... Sweet........
Nice fish crazy, tough to get a bite in these conditions.