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    Well we got out to Rocky Gap no problem. It was 50-60 degrees the entire stay there. I did some spin fishing near the paddle boat piers for gills with a soft plastic cray, but caught an 8 inch crappie. Then the next day I hit the pier corners with green al's foam hoppers and caught almost all the medium-large bluegills there. Smallest was 4 inches, largest was 10 inches which I took a picture of. The last day I was there, all the large gills were sitting still at the bottom and wouldnt hit anything. There was a 20+ inch catfish that I saw twice under the pier, and a 15+ inch bass that would follow a small gill I hooked.

    The mountains were a site to behold, as it was foggy and it covered the tops of every one there. And occasionally, a puff of fog will come from the trees and get blown by any wind. I also got to stop at Sidling hill, an area of mountain blown away by dynamite that shows 350 million years of sedimentation. But it was so foggy and high up, visibility was cut to around 50 feet. I got a picture of the stairs going half way up the hill, and of a truck going through Sidling hill.

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    Thanks for the report. I live right near Bean's Cove or as it is now called Rocky Gap. I haven't fished there for a while. With the fancy golf course and all I feel a bit out of place. However, now I'm inspired to make a visit and try at those panfish. Where the rental kayaks are located that cove has several concrete, artificial structures that make up an underwater trail for divers. Should make for go fishing if the SAV hasn't taken over.

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    i've been out that way a few times most recently was in july to go camping at green ridge state park, about 20 min before rocky gap. apprently their is supposed to be good fishing their but all the streams i saw were dried up beyond belif. shame all that fog was their sidling hill is pretty cool to see.

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