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    Default Re: Adventures in a Storm Drain!!

    Best update I can give is not a good one. MORE home construction in the area is screwing up the stream still, and its been WAY to hot to go fish it for the past week or so. Im talking low of 80 and 80%+ humidity ( this morning at 5:30...5:30!!! it was 78 with 91% humidity ) highs at 100 with heat indexes of 105-110 so I've been staying out of the bath water.

    The lower areas where the carp constantly defeat me look ok, we need some rain too. I have been out to a few places this summer, but not nearly as much as I want. However, this weekend it looks to tip the scales, so for you guys I will go check it out.
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    Default Re: Adventures in a Storm Drain!!

    I only joined this forum a few months back and I didn't even realize that this thread was a carp fishing thread. I just spent the last hour reading through all of the pages of thread and totally enjoyed it. Really good stuff! I have almost become addicted to fishing for the big old "golden bones" over the past few seasons. The blind squirrel is a great looking pattern, I will probably be tying some up tonight. Always looking for another change up to have in the carp box. My goal at the beginning of the year was to catch 20 on the fly rod this year. Last Saturday morning I brought #15 and #16 to hand, so it has been a fun year and is still attainable. Carp on the fly are just a flat out blast! My main carp creek (minutes from my home as well) was always considered to be a "cow ****" creek where we always hung out as kids. Since then it has become my "go to" carp water with the fly rod. Thanks for your years of updates. Great thread!

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    Default Re: Adventures in a Storm Drain!!

    This is one of the coolest fishing threads ever. Cool enough that I just had to join the group.

    This thread reminds me of time spent fishing the irrigation canals in Yuma AZ. There were some huge grass carp , um,, I mean White Amur in there along with bass and tilapia. They kept a southern man busy for near 5 years when fishable water was hard to find.

    These days I've been eyeballing a small stream that runs through a park in the center of our tiny Mayberry-ish town in South Carolina. It's hardly as wide as a fly rod's length and very, very shallow within the park's boundary. But just below the park I've spied a few holes with some depth. After reading this entire thread, it re-enforces the notion that I need to go explore it further.

    - Jason

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