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    Hey guys not real sure about this so I'm coming to you guys for help. I live 15 min. East of stl MO. We have had a mild winter this year. I moved in August to a new house I now have a pond that is just out side my door. It is about 10 to 15ft deep by the dam and 2 foot deep at the otherside, it has a rock bank for most of it. I mostly catch mostly panfish and bass I have caught an 8 lbs. catfish. I caught most of my fish along the bank in no more than a foot of water. I have tried fishing the deep water with sinking line and have had no luck. Am I missing something? Is there something I should try to find them? I have a lot of luck on beadhead wooly bugars. I have caught fish every month in shallow water. I apreciate all the help.

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    If the fish are shallow. Fish shallow. If you aren't catching them Shallow, fish deep.

    You might not be catching them in the deep water, because they aren't there.

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    The fish will stay in the shallow water as much as they can, that's where the food is. The only time they may head deeper is when the water temp rises considerably. Even then they will sit deep and still come into the shallow water to feed. During the hottest part of the summer they will feed at dawn and dusk then hide in the deeper, cooler water. If your thinking that the bigger fish are down deep that's probably not the case.
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    As it was said, the feed is shallow. In a ponds yearly cycle, unless there are fish attractors here and there around the pond, the baitfish have little to no place to hide except close to shore as the lower sun angles, etc kills off vegetation during the winter at depth. Doesn't mean you won't occasionally get a huge one from those depths but it's much more likely to get some decent sized ones from closer to shore.  8088
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    They probably arent in the shallows. Just because the water is deep doesnt mean that fish are in it. i catch WAY more fish in shallow water then deeper water, much to the dismay of other people i fish with.
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