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    Default Those with boats, stop the spread!

    Biologists theorize that giant salvinia is spread from lake to lake by boat trailers. As a boat is pulled out of water infested with salvinia, the plant can stick to the sides of a boat or trailer. Elder says all it takes is one leaf to survive the trip to the next lake and a new infestation is started.
    Biologists call it the world’s worst weed. The plant has the uncanny ability to reproduce itself rapidly. One plant can become 60 million in less than two months. A handful today will cover more than 40 acres in just a few weeks time.
    Fighting a swamp thing in Texas - Nightly News with Brian Williams - Sounds like its all over the south, not just TX.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    its actually someting that has been of concern for quite some time..
    im also a diver and simmilar cases have happend in diving where somone may bring a species of somekind into new waters..
    zebra muscles have found there way into many of quaries....

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    One of the problems is that most boat launching areas do not provide any kind of wash off area for boats. Most of us will wash our boat or tubes when we get home but who says that **** won't get into the streams from there.


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    the biggest problem is education. i've run into fisherpeople completely unaware of NZMS in waters they were fishing. and i'm guilty too, having never heard of salvinia.

    fresno, ca.

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    Default Re: Those with boats, stop the spread!

    Is Salvinia something that is indigenous to the north or is it in the south also? I live in Florida and I never heard of it.

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