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    I cut my teeth fly fishing trout and salmon on Alaska's Kenai peninsula. I'm back in WI for school and am ready to tackle some toothy giants with my 9wt.

    My question: What are some of the best options for leaders when chasing pike and musky? I've been using 20lb mono with a 50lb power pro tippet and it works, but I feel like there are better options out there. Thanks guys.

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    I also plan on chasing pike this spring as well. Although not an expert I can pass on some knowladge that I have tracked down. First of all heavy mono or floro this gives you the advantage of having a clear connection but I have never hear of a leader shy pike or musky, next I have read reviews on a product called toothy critter which is said to be a wire that is malable enough you can tie knots with it, thirdly is the climax leader which is a mono wire combo but have no idea how you attach that to the eye. I hope this helps somewhat as a start I know this is not the first of its kind u may find more info through a search of the forum but im sure soon enough a more experienced member will enlighten you. Lord knows this forum has some guys that can catch toothy fish. just look through the photo thread!

    Tight Lines,

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    If your boys are made of steel, use 100lb Seagar leader tied directly to the fly line. This simple leader will turn over a big fly like a dry fly and disappear in the water. The only concern is that if you hook a good fish and he takes you to the bottom you could loose half your fly line that is only 30lb test.

    Less brave? Tie a leader tied from 50lb, 40lb, 25lb and then a short piece of 80 or 100lb Seagar. Now you have a break away leader just in case.

    I have never broke a fly line off on a bottom snag using 100lb but came close. Twice I have had a big Muskie wrap me on bottom trees. Both times I pulled straight up and both times the leader parted where the Muskie had chewed on it. Both times I felt like I was pulling 29lbs worth and I felt very lucky each time.

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    Check out the leader material called "Knot-2-Kinky". It's made from nickel-titanium, its tie-able, doesn't kink, and stretches! It's pretty ingenious stuff. I tie it to a small clasp/snap on my fly end and do an arbor knot on the other end with 20lb fluorocarbon or monofilament. I don't know how big your pike are that you're going after but it doesn't take a big gator to bite through even 30lb fluoro.

    This is my new go-to leader setup and I usually run it about 18-24" and have a 18" mono going to my fly line. What's nice about the titanium is it weighs practically nothing and has a super small diameter.


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    I run a 9 foot furled leader that ends in a titanium ring, then run about 3 feet of 30-40 # fluorocarbon. I don't like the way wire robs action from my flies or sinks them much faster. I may loose a couple of fish a year, but better than messing with wire.

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    Default Re: pike and musky leaders

    Has anyone used spectra or such as a shock? It worked great on Pickerel and Mudfish or Bowfin last time I tired it, allows a streamer a lot of action.  8088
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