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    Default feels like spring!

    It actually feels like spring here now. Cool nights and warm days to enjoy. Today was a very pleasant afternoon, so when the wife mentioned the lawn was looking like it could stand mowing again I grabbed the Ross Essence FS 8'6" 3wt and headed out to the local lake before she could take that conversation any further.

    The "green weenie" pattern did it's usual magic to bring some fun and action into the day.

    Didn't keep count, and didn't go back to the truck to get the good camera to record the action, but I landed several nice 'gills and even one 4" largemouth.

    I did snap a couple pics with the cell phone, though.

    Sure beats mowing & weed trimming, but I have a feeling that's going to be a part of my weekend.

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    Default Re: feels like spring!

    Gotta love green weenies! Panfish love them! I have to tie some up now that I'm thinking about it!

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    Default Re: feels like spring!

    Northern Ohio didn't seem so much like spring today! I crossed the border into PA and spent the morning freezing my knuckles off! 8 or 9 nice trout to show for it though. Topped out at about 40, so tying the three knots onto my double nymph rig took the better part of half an hour with purple knuckles. Snagged the bottom and lost the whole rig; retied; snagged the bottom again...went home!!! I've got to find a bluegill pond around me, I'm sure that is tons of fun. Good luck with the yardwork this weekend!

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