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    Default Cool fly from youtube

    [ame=]Fly Tying Demo Geezus Lizzard - YouTube[/ame]

    I watched this and thought I would share. Just thought it was a really cool fly I have no where the skill to tye somthing like this but thought it seemed like a winner.Enjoy.

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    Default Re: Cool fly from youtube

    good lord....that looks like a GIANT pain in the ass with those dubbing loops. kinda depressing the tail is so stiff at the end in the water
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    Default Re: Cool fly from youtube

    yea I would tie that and loose it on the first cast.....

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    Default Re: Cool fly from youtube

    Pretty interesting way to tie that first dubbing loop and then doubling it over on itself.

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    Default Re: Cool fly from youtube

    Dang! That'd be a sick fly for bass!


    Tie it smaller and it'd be deadly for carp and trout!

    Thanks for sharing that! I like that one.

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    Default Re: Cool fly from youtube

    I posted some flies I'd tied up that were inspired by Jay (the guy in the video) - and if you play with the amount of dubbing, and the type of thread, you can make some tails that are more supple. Remember though, that these flies are meant to imitate a plastic worm - and your average plastic worm isn't nearly as lively as say, a rabbit strip or gob of marabou. My favorite plastics when I gear fish are Yamamoto Senkos, and when rigged to look like these flies, they have a similar action.

    Once you tie up a couple of these flies, or at least the type of tails - they're actually very quick to do. I will say this though - I don't do Jay's technique of using my fingers for the twisting. I cheat and use a shepherd's hook dubbing loop tool to do the spinning. I bang out a tail in just a couple minutes, and I can tie up a completed worm fly in 5 minutes or so.

    The worms I tied up are more simple than these - I do a furled loop tail, a dubbing loop body to match the tail, and a few turns of soft hackle by the dumb bell eyes, and maybe a few turns of dubbing (simply twisted onto the thread) to cover the dumb bells center.

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    Rubber worm on a jig:

    Furled loop flies:

    I have more tied up that I need to get pix of - some interesting color combos done with some sparkly ice dub material.
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    Default Re: Cool fly from youtube

    I would have to charge $24.99 plus material cost for those beasts!
    I'm not sure I've seen so many materials and techniques used on a single fly outside of full dressed salmon flies.

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    Default Re: Cool fly from youtube

    I know right? The whole time I was watching I was thinking hes going to finish it off right here, But then he would do more dubbing or legs. I was sure he was going to run out of room mainly when he got to the last bit of dubbing but he kept finding room!!

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    Default Re: Cool fly from youtube

    There's a youtube video of some guys fishing for trout using the Gezus Lizards - some FAT trouts eating the things. And of course bass like 'em.

    If spring ever actually arrives - I plan on giving my local bass hell in good measure with these worms - it's one less reason to pack a spinning rod. Now if I could just get myself to stick with a single rod for a day...
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