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    Default Like fishing in a barrel....

    Man! It is nice to feel a good tug (or several) on the line. I have been hooked up with a private pond (Hence the fishing in a barrel title-- it doesn't get fished very much-- so the fish aren't shy nor picky...)

    Spent an hour and a half there last night-- resulting in 14 (respectable to nice sized) LM brought to hand, and several that were missed due to my lack of attention. (On more than one occasion, my desire to fire a long cast over shadowed my sensibility -- It is hard to get a good hookset on top water LMB with 50 or 60 feet of fly line out... ) Flies used were a yellow and black marabou monster (leech) and a top water slider.

    Every fish was in this size range:

    While not exactly lunkers, they sure were fun.

    ps-- For those who want to see the full quarry, I got quick pics of almost all of the bass I caught-- they are in my album dated with yesterday's date.

    Also, I likely killed the first top water take-- he hit hard and took the slider deep-- the lot is heavily wooded-- some critter possibly got a good meal over night.

    The water also holds a fantastic crappie population-- I've never caught a crappie smaller than 15 inches out of it- and the hybrid sunnies are about the same.

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    Default Re: Like fishing in a barrel....

    Sounds like a great way to spend an evening!

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    Default Re: Like fishing in a barrel....

    It is a great way to spend an evening-- although it almost feels like cheating...

    This place never gets fished-- the handful of times I have been there, the fish have kept me busy-- you can't cast more than three times without a nice fish on. It's ridiculous! But I won't complain It is a 20 min drive from my house, to boot.

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    Default Re: Like fishing in a barrel....

    You gotta love those little gems of fishing spots.

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    Default Re: Like fishing in a barrel....

    several years ago in Iowa I caught a 2.5ft pike out of a tiny farm pond... surprise the heck out of me.. I figured out later it was a tiny quarry pit. I hope to check out some small ponds soon also. I hope my results are similer

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    Default Re: Like fishing in a barrel....

    great evening chasing bucketmouth



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    Default Re: Like fishing in a barrel....

    I want a barrel like that
    What fun, I'll trade a few of my grand kids for a place like that.
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