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    Default Re: Some Decent Gill's

    is there really good eatin in blue gills?

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    Default Re: Some Decent Gill's

    yes. and this is coming from someone who doesnt like to eat fish. they taste better then trout.
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    Default Re: Some Decent Gill's

    Local name for Bluegill cuisine in my neck of the woods is mountain shrimp. And they ate way better than trout.
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    Default Re: Some Decent Gill's

    Haven't kept any to eat for years now, but nothing is better than bluegill fillets from big 'gills out of cold water.

    Used to keep a mess or two out of the local lake each spring, but too many people take them out any more, so I release the ones I catch now.

    Enough fun just to catch them on a light fly rod!

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