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    Default Some Decent Gill's

    These were caught at the Parvin State Park in NJ. Been catching alot of Gill's and Bass on a #16 Mosquito and #14 nymph.

    1st fish on a fly rod and also 1st fish of 2012 (03-12-2012)

    10in Gill on a #16 Mosquito

    Gill caught on a #14 Nymph

    My Biggest Gill on a Fly, used a #14 Nymph Gill was 13.3in and around 1-1/2 lbs or so

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    Default Re: Some Decent Gill's

    Beautiful big northern bluegills! Congrats on your first fly caught fish ! Beware the addiction begins! Have fun!
    "I was born to fish" Lee Wulff
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    Default Re: Some Decent Gill's

    Nice pictures I'm glad the FAQ helped you out.


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: Some Decent Gill's

    Nice 'gills there!

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    Default Re: Some Decent Gill's

    Awesome bluegill!! Hopefully I can get the ones in my aquaruim to get that big again
    "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

    Storm Drain Bonefisher

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    Default Re: Some Decent Gill's

    Look at those monster gills! I'll bet they put a nice bend in your rod!

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    Default Re: Some Decent Gill's

    Those are nice ones, especially being your first. Always fun when they are big enough to lip.

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    Smile Re: Some Decent Gill's

    Them are big gills,congrats.
    ...some men go to church and think of fishing while other men go fishing and feel closer to God

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    Default Re: Some Decent Gill's

    beautimous gills, the wife is lookin' over my shoulder sayin', fry 'em up!!!
    2piece, 9', 7wt TFO Lefty Kreh signature series.
    I fish for food.

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    Man, those are huge! I'd have to go down to Kentucky Lake or Lake Barkley to find comparable 'gills in my area.

    Congratulations and bon appetite!

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