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Thread: Golden Bones (pics)

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    Hey havent updated in a while but let me report my past two days the first was a 5 carp day all 5 and 6 pounders nothing to take pics of and a three carp day today where I landed my largest ever roughly estimated between 15 and 18 pounds!!

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    awsome catch.

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    Nice fish! The first one I caught on a fly rod was about that size. It hooks you easily when they are that size.
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    Hell yea it took me forever to get him in he just kept running and running I wouldn'thave landed him if my buddy didnt run into the water to cut some plastics fencing wire that caught my line. This season has been so good to me I have landed around 20 so far and all but two cameon my lucky backstabber. This behemoth was just one of the many that cant resist that fly!

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    Update my buddy and I went out today and each got three my biggest was around ten his was around 6.

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