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    Default Golden Bones (pics)

    Well the last few days Ive been on fire it started out wading the river and slamming smallies and white bass (nothing of size). Then I decided to hit up the local pond for some carp action, they were all over and feeding I landed six nothing giant but good medium fish. My new G Loomis pro 4x did a great job.

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    Default Re: Golden Bones (pics)

    Very nice, congrats!!!

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    Default Re: Golden Bones (pics)

    awsome, id be super happy with a day like that.

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    Default Re: Golden Bones (pics)

    Good job bucktail!
    The take is the premier moment.

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    Default Re: Golden Bones (pics)

    Thats a pretty awesome day in the world of fishing right there. If you dont mind me asking, what kinda patterns were they feeding on? I'm at a dead end of the carp road. I just cant figure those fish out...

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    All of those carp came on a backstabber with a tan dubbing body and burnt orange marabou. Basically I sneak around and look for tailing fish that have stirred up alot of silt, I stop see where their tail is at and cast beyond where I belive there head to be, I then do a big strip to within a foot of the head and let it drop. I wait a few seconds and do a tiny twich, now it takes alittle time but in most cases I cant see my fly so I watch the carp you can just tell when they have picked it up. Usually just to be safe I pick up the slack line and when I feel tension I slam them. Hope that helped and by the way went out again today here are some pics. A bit bigger agressive fish.

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    Default Re: Golden Bones (pics)

    Definitely a very helpful message man. My buddy jhammer on this forum told me the backstabbers are the way to go, so I have a handful of them ready for the river now. Can't wait to get them wet and try that technique. Keep the pics coming...

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    Default Re: Golden Bones (pics)

    Backstabbers and DDH Leeches are #1 in my book. Clouser Craws are a close second.

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    Default Re: Golden Bones (pics)

    Great looking rubber lips. Nothing like them when they take off on the fly. Great pics looks like an awesome outing ! Congrats!
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    Default Re: Golden Bones (pics)

    Really glad to see the carp getting the attention they deserve.

    When I lived out there in San Diego a few years back I wrote a regular column for the American Carp Society on how to start fly fishing for carp.

    Funny that now I am back in the UK, the home of carp fishing you could say, it is very hard to fly fish for them as all the big commercial waters that have them do not like us fly flingers wandering around. They'd rather have people sit in one spot all day snoozing on their bed chairs.
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