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    Default The dark water. (Predator smallie)

    Me and one of my fishing buddies went out and scoped some new water Sunday to see if we could find any pike that were willing to hit the fly. We had some pretty aggressive strikes from some smaller fish and landed a couple of them but what we found in a dark stretch was a lot more then we expected. This is an area filled with 8-12 inch smallmouth everywhere and if you get one thats more then 13 inches, you've just caught yourself one hell of a fish. I was throwing a fly we call the jester, which is a pike fly and I had actually just hooked into the nicest pike of the day with it. The pike actually pulled me so hard that my one man belly boat went about 10 yards upstream. Good fish, but she rolled off the hook right at my feet. Took a second and had a quick celebration after that, then cast into the same run and this one came to the surface and ate. Best smallie I've ever seen come from this water system. Turns out this stretch of river was made to be kept secret.

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    Default Re: The dark water. (Predator smallie)

    That's a nice fish right there, love the coloring.
    It always holds true, big bass like big flies. Most likely there are more.

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    Default Re: The dark water. (Predator smallie)

    Have caught more smallies than Muskies/pike when throwing a large muskie/pike fly also, how long was that beast?.

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    Default Re: The dark water. (Predator smallie)

    Right on! ................

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    Default Re: The dark water. (Predator smallie)


    That is a BIG Small Mouth.



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    Default Re: The dark water. (Predator smallie)

    Beautiful SB. Colors are fantastic! Swirl if you see this post check out the colors on the fly.
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    Thumbs up Re: The dark water. (Predator smallie)

    Congrats on the big smallie
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    Default Re: The dark water. (Predator smallie)

    That's one heck of a smallie, and like others have said, beautiful dark colors on it! Any chance of a step-by-step on that Jester? Looks like something that might be useful in the saltier stuff
    - A.J.

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    Default Re: The dark water. (Predator smallie)

    Great looking smallmouth!

    I agree I'd keep that location a secret!

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    Default Re: The dark water. (Predator smallie)

    Wonderfull color on that fish! Hopefully i can get on some smallies this year.
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