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    Default Re: Gar attack and monster fish

    I can't even hook a long nose gar and you've got them bumping in to you . I did notice that in a couple of shallows some of the gar would swim right across my feet. I don't think it was meant as a threat o just think that they could care less .
    Reading what Ard said about being bumped by Salmon(so true ) I saw a guy in the estuary of the Salmon River who was stomach high in the water get hot square in the chest by a leaping Chinook. Knocked him in the water as well as knocked the wind out of him. Wrong place at the wrong time!
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    Default Re: Gar attack and monster fish

    While trolling for crappie, My friend hooked a 5' longnose gar.
    I got the honor of removing the hook and yes the thing bit my thumb. It was just a nick but got infected.
    While wading in the streams we often have beavers(the ones with the flat tails) swim very close.Makes yer heart beat speed up a bit.
    It's very hard to get a good hookset on a gar, use a strip of cloth and their teeth get tangled in it and it increases your chances of gettin' it in.
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    Default Re: Gar attack and monster fish

    I've had smallmouth bass bump my leg if I was too close to their red & that was just a momentary WTF. Once I was fishing the Lackawaxen river in PA & looked down & there was a fairly large lamprey eel using me has a breakwater, that spooked me.
    Once my son & I were smallmouth fishing in the boat & my son was pulling one in under the boat & I saw something large chasing it. When he pulled the bass up out of the water a Loon came up right after it. Them birds are big. After we went back to the cabin so he could change his underwear we went out again to the same area & the Loon was not in sight. We had a stringer over the side of the boat with a few fish on it & about 15 min. later there was a commotion on the side of the boat. It was the loon trying to get fish off our stringer. We tossed him a few of them & he would wait until they started to swim away & then go after them. If they just floated he would ignore them. We left the area & he showed up at the next spot & we ignored him but he stayed in the area. This was on a fairly large shallow lake that doesn't get a lot of pressure so someone must have feeding him off the stringer. In retrospect we shouldn't have done it either but at the time it was a good idea.

    I have had a lot of strange occurrences on the water but none can match a large toothy fish playing with me in the water.
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