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Thread: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    Are you using a 9-10wt?
    Thanks for the tips!

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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    We catch everything. You literally have no idea what you're going to catch. The water clarity is less than 2-inches in the Red River. lol. But, it's the only fishery I've been to where you can catch 50 fish in a day over 20" of various species.

    This time of year you'll catch a lot of freshwater drum, the odd goldeye, if you're lucky a carp, catfish, sauger, suckers, and there's a few sturgeon. Later in the year the river is a world-class walleye fishery as the big "greenbacks" run up the river in the fall. You can catch them over 30". The greenback is actually a different subspecies of walleye with a deeper overall body and emerald green iridescence on the back. They get very large as well. The provincial record is 39" which weighed in at around 22 pounds. 3 pounds shy of the world record but longer by a inch.

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    And yes, I use a 10'6" 9-weight for fishing in the main current. You need something with a lot of backbone but a soft tip to cushion your "tippet". I use a 5ft piece of 15lb Maxima for tippet. Even with my 9-weight and me leaning into that rod, the cats will do whatever they want. They're so incredibly strong!

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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    congrats Nick...these cats should be a blast on a flyrod
    you should come here....a 190 pounds one was caught in river Orb this week

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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    I'd love to get into some truly monstrous fish like that! I'll have to invest in a 12-15-weight rod and see if my body could handle it! lol. There was about a 6ft sturgeon coming up and rolling on the surface on Monday. That would be a heck of a battle! =P


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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    Aw come on guys, you don't really think that fish is that big, Do ya? I mean my wife has a couple of them yard gnomes that have fishin' rods. Them thar rods is only a foot long, it makes the fish look big, and yeah, that next one too, and ...holy, I mean the one he's holdin' is obviously photo shopped...right? Um, everyone knows ya can't catch nuttin' bigger than a bluegill on a fly rod, right? Ok, I ain't caught nuttin' bigger than a bluegill. WOW I'm goin' to bed to dream about real fish.
    Fantastic fishin', I'm jealous.
    2piece, 9', 7wt TFO Lefty Kreh signature series.
    I fish for food.

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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    Tuesday was our fly club outing at Lockport. I ended up getting there early before everyone and ending up catching over 15 drum before the first person showed up. I actually went 8 for 8 as well! 8 casts, 8 fish.

    I did manage one catfish as well! Was a pretty decent fight but I use a 10'6" 9wt and even if they take me into the main current, I can lean on that rod and turn em back. Don't get me wrong, these are very strong fish, but if you work the angles, you can usually get them to do what you want. You are guaranteed to see your backing at least once though with these cats!

    Still no monsters yet but this one was getting up there. =)

    Everyone showed up and lined the one major reef out near the current seam. Was pretty hilarious to see 12 fly fishers "combat fishing". lol


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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    Those are some HUGE catfish!!!! I don't really know the difference between catfish, but here are some of the cats Yvonne and I have caught on the local stream. All were caught with an 8'6" 4wt, except for first picture. The reel has a "6" on it, but it was a 9' 5wt with a 6wt line. All were caught with a 3" Clouser (lead eyes), except for the one at my feet. That was caught on a little Green Weenie, and it ran me to my backing 3-4 times!!!

    Last month:

    Yvonne caught two in two days last July, but I only took a pic of one. Both were within an inch of size:

    Caught this a couple of years ago, and it ran more than any fish I've ever caught! I had just bought an Orvis BBS III, and was hoping to hear the clicker scream; the fish obliged and then some. (Shoe size is 13):

    The catfish at the bottom is darker than the others. It was caught in late March, and I don't know if it's the same species, or if they change color....???
    The catfish in this stream are not shy, and you often wade up to within a couple feet of them. The catfish we've caught were all caught at the bottom of a deep and narrow channel, except for the one between my feet.

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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    Yup those are channel cats. There's a lot of colour and body shape variation between individuals. Even the little kitties put up a heck of a fight! I've had fish in the 24-30" range jump several times when hooked in shallow water also. They're such powerful fish!

    How could you not like em with a face like that!?

    Here's an old picture of my personal best from 2010. We had 2 week window between run-off and the rains where the cats were just unbelievable! This one was just shy of 39" and the thickest fish I've ever caught. Was over 30lbs.


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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    Jeez Nick! Those fish are huge!!! I managed to catch a 17" channel cat this afternoon at 1:30. I had seen a bunch of them in a section of the local stream (there usually there), and they were the size of my leg. One swam over to get a look at me, and then swam off. I was using a Clouser tied on a #10 popper hook. Certainly not a big fish, but it hit like a ton of bricks! It ran, and I had to crank the drag down pretty far. The fish in this stream are generally psychotic, and even the sunfish fight until the very end. I was using my 9' 5wt Z-Axis, and there was enough bend that I considered pulling out my video camera. I decided to land the thing instead, but took a couple of quick pics:

    They change colors when viewed at different angles. I'd love to catch one of the real beasts that roam that stream. This "little" one hit so hard, I thought that maybe I did hook one of the big ones. A month ago I did hook a couple of larger cats, but both broke me off with a head shake (3X tippet). One felt like a snag, and then it swam toward me. A shake of its head, and away it swam.....

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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    Ya they're a blast. That's a nice rod! Almost a shame using it for cats. =P


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