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    Default Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    Here's a few pics from this year's action.

    May 12 - 32" and 34"

    May 14 - 32"

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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    Nice catties Nick. Are you dragging your flys on the bottom for those big boys? We fish a small dam on the Susky and catch medium size channels at mid depth on leech patterns . Curious if the biguns feed any different.
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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    love it nick!
    you are a true master
    is that an okuma slv reel i see?
    love that reel bro



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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    Some very nice channel cats there!

    So far this year the best I've caught were some of the little ones the state stocked in the local lake last year. Only 7-10" long, but still fun on a 3 or 4wt rod.

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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    What sort of fly do you use for cats? I've yet to get one and would like to get one this year.

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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    Very nice! Great looking cats!

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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    I caught a little guy going for bass once, great fight. I'm assuming some sort of bottom cruising crayfish or leech pattern?!

    Nice kitties... I want one!

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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    They're a hoot! Such a blast with the long rod!

    Was out again today and got a few more, biggest was around 35-36".

    I use weighted streamers with a sink-tip line. Lead eyes and those Sculpin heads by Fishskullz work to get your fly to where the cats are. This time of year you have to put it in front of their face. As the water warms however, they'll chase your fly and crush it.

    Biggest thing with these fish is you need good strong knots, 12lb+ tippet minimum, a stout rod, and a hook that is at least 2x strong and preferably one that has a wide gap. I like short shank hooks as well as they hold better.


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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    Bad ass!! Those are some NICE cats. Any biproduct catches or are you actually sight fishing these things?
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    Default Re: Chasing Channel Cats - 2012

    NIck: Great looking fish, congrats! I can only imagine how those big guys pull once you set the hook!

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