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    Default Fishing Lake Michigans parks

    I'm wanting to fish the southern part of lake Michigan and try and catch some carp but I don't know of any spots to go. I've done some research online and can't really find anywhere that has the shallow flats fishing I want to do thats public access. So if anybody wants to help a guy out, either send me a message or post on here. Thanks for the help guys.

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    Default Re: Fishing Lake Michigans parks

    You wont find much that doesn't require a LONG walk as far as the "parks" go...

    Most of the "good" spots require like a 2-3 mile "or more" hike, literally...

    However, just about any of the shoreline areas has the potential to have cruising Carp, just get out there and start exploring...

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    Default Re: Fishing Lake Michigans parks

    I got some spots here where the carp swim by 5 feet in front of you and stare lol!

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