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    Default Golden Bones and Silver Drums

    Got out on memorial day and ended up going 3 for 10 on carp, 2 for 2 on drum, and 0 for 5 on gar.

    All fish were fantastic fights, but there was one stand out for the day. I spotted two big cruisers about ten feet from me and placed a backstabber right in the middle of them. Out of no where an even bigger carp came racing between them and inhaled the fly - then started! Before I knew it, all 90' of fly line was gone and I was at least 25 yards into my backing before the reel stopped screaming. As I started reeling the fish spit the hook

    I sucked it up and went after one last fish and ended the day on a high. Here are some pics. If you want to read more of the details, I made a ridiculously long story about the day on the blog.

    First of the day

    First drum on the fly

    Last fish of the day
    Less likey, more green dots

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    Default Re: Golden Bones and Silver Drums

    Sweet fish dood. Memorial day weekend seemed to pay off well for you. I know a couple other guys in "Chicagoland" who have done well in the rivers for those big goldfish. How's the smallmouth game been so far?

    Good luck landing a gar, they can prove to be an awesome fish on the fly. True acrobats.

    Check out Jhammers Muddy Water forum if you wanna see more fish like you caught this weekend.

    Take care and tight lines...

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    Default Re: Golden Bones and Silver Drums

    Good for you BFA!
    The take is the premier moment.

    Mr. P.'s Blog

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