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mrl0004 06-03-2012 06:35 PM

Shaky knees...
Went to a local warmwater creek Saturday morning hoping to catch a gar on the fly. Last weekend a guy caught several and landed two. As usual, when I go, all I hear is "you should have been here last weekend." However, the catching wasn't bad. It started slow, and we had a cold front a couple of nights in a row. However, I remember hearing when fishing is slow, try to use a smaller bait. It made all the difference.

I hooked a solid 2lb bass that squirmed of as I was trying to get my camera out. By far the most bass I have ever caught here.

This is what I call my aquarium hole. I have caught or seen about 10 different species in this pool each time I go.

The problem is it is very clear and usually the fish can see you before you get a good shot at them. There is usually a 3lb bass that cruises here. You may be able to see it in this pic: (upper middle)

Another view showing numerous fish: (look just right of middle)

Some water got on the lens in these...

Well after that eventful morning I went home to eat some lunch and rest before I headed to hang out with the girlfriend. I received a text from her saying she might work late, so I figured I would check up on the smallmouth while I wait.

I decided to pack some heat this time for snakes and because the last time I heard lots of coyotes. I admit it's not the ideal snake gun, but better than nothing.

I had plans to fish upstream since I had never waded that section, but as soon as I entered the creek there were some spin fisherman working down. So I headed downstream. They caught up quick and just sloshed right through the water I was fishing as well as further downstream. :evil:

I bit my tongue and headed back upstream, after all that's what I wanted to fish. I worked back up to my original intended start.

Didn't take long to get a strike, but not what I wanted...

I kept working upstream and hitting every bit of water I could while trying to be stealthy. Finally, I hooked a fish that had that familiar pull, you know, the one that feels like a small bag of bricks running upstream with your line. He was just a little guy, but he didn't fight like he was.

mrl0004 06-03-2012 06:36 PM

Re: Shaky knees...
I kept fishing up, with every cast envisioning that 4lb smallmouth inhaling my popper. I kept catching fish, but not the target species.

This is where it gets interesting (and long-winded) I wade upstream, I am having to watch every step as there are some slick shoals with lots of troughs and drop offs. I cast upstream and give the popper a couple of good pops. I look down as I make another step forward and look back up to find my popper missing. I set the hook (like Bill Dance) and I have successfully hooked into the best smallmouth I have ever hooked into. Unfortunately, almost as quickly as I hooked it, I lost it. My 8lb tippet snapped in half like it was 6X. Not at the knot, but in the middle. It was not worn as I had just re-tied. I did catch a glimpse of it and it was at least a 20", 4lb fish. I feel like a 5wt is no longer suitable for this pursuit. That fish felt like a bull red. My knees were shaking and I felt sick to my stomach. It was like winning the lottery and finding out there was a mistake and you didn't win. However, I guess those are the experiences that keep us going back for more. That makes 2 very nice creek smallmouth I have lost after extremely short battles. I am starting to wonder when I will have my day.

Well the girlfriend called again it said it would be about another hour, so I decided I would check on the section I usually fish. After a quick game of "pick the spot that looks the least snaky" I cautiously made my way down the weedy bank.

I made a few casts, more green sunfish and small redbreast. I get up to the more productive water and make a cast close to the bank. That cast moved something, but not a fish.

He started angling toward me and I thought it was a good time to retreat, since my gun was in my car. He was as big around as a baseball and apparently pissed that I disturbed him. This was the second time I had shaky knees and thought that was good for one day.

I caught shellcracker, bluegill, longear, green and redbreast sunfish in the panfish category. Then largemouth and smallmouth bass. I would say that's a good variety.

Mnflyfish 06-03-2012 07:37 PM

Re: Shaky knees...
Thats the one thing i do not like about fishing, and thats snakes!

theboz 06-03-2012 07:52 PM

Re: Shaky knees...
The big ones are fun on a 5 wt!

mbphotos54 06-03-2012 09:54 PM

Re: Shaky knees...
the pumpkin seeds are some of the coolest looking fish I find here in KY, funny thing is I regualerly go looking for snakes on purpus..

mrl0004 06-03-2012 10:44 PM

Re: Shaky knees...

Originally Posted by mbphotos54 (Post 459197)
funny thing is I regualerly go looking for snakes on purpus..

:eek: Why on earth would you do that!? Unless you are a herpetologist..

mbphotos54 06-03-2012 11:10 PM

Re: Shaky knees...
so I can get photos like this

:D I help a herp friend of mine that studies snakes and frog, but also focuses on salamanders. its hard to tell in the photo of your, if its a banded water snake or not.. a few possiblities with that color pattern. always better to play it safe if you dont know for sure. no reason to kill'em most of them will go on thier way.. although a few weeks ago I had a watersnake trying to get in to my bluegill basket.. I lassoed it with my flyline:D

Ard 06-04-2012 03:05 AM

Re: Shaky knees...
I used to also back east for the same purpose :D

Beautiful pictures and I did see the big bass.

ditz 06-04-2012 08:01 AM

Re: Shaky knees...
You sure had some nice fish come to hand. :)

mrl0004 06-04-2012 08:50 AM

Re: Shaky knees...

Originally Posted by mbphotos54 (Post 459291)
its hard to tell in the photo of your, if its a banded water snake or not.. a few possiblities with that color pattern.

Nice photos. There's no question it was a moccasin. I saw it up close and a little too personal before I took those pics. He was short and fat, black tail, pattern narrowed as it approached the backbone, and swam on top of the water mostly. Not to mention AT ME after my popper hit him.

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