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    Question Flys for VA Shad (Poormans Tarpon)

    I am anticipating the shad run here in VA this coming spring (2008). Has anyone done any shad fly fishing and if so what tackle are you using?

    -Fly rod wt/ lgth? Ive only got a 8'6" 6wt now but if a larger or smaller one is NEEDED it would be a great suggestion for Christmas for my lovely spouse.
    -fly line, floating, sinking?
    -leader ?x



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    theres these river chubs that people call shad here. are you referring to them? prolly not cause i just searched and they seen different than what i am thinking off
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    Here's a site to keep an eye on every spring: Shad Cam at Bosher's Dam
    The cameras seem turned off right now and will be until the run gets going.
    It's not a bad site to bookmark for later viewing.
    When its up and running, running it's very neat to see the numbers that these cameras capture.
    Scroll down after clicking on the link to see what types of shad make the run.

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    I have never fished for shad, but there is a shad run on the west coast. I do not know if it is american shad or hickory shad, but there is a large contingent of fly fishermen who go after them. The fly of choice is a white mariboo, size 6 to 8. Do not know much more than that.

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