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    Default New Gear/Photo Shoot

    I brought my friend Sabrina out to Lockport yesterday. She's a photographer and I wanted to try and get some cool shots with the new Echo gear I was trying out. She has an unbelievable eye for composition and because she doesn't fly fish, she hasn't seen a million images in the fly fishing magazines, and brings a fresh take on fly fishing photography.

    I received my pro staff order from Echo Fly Rods yesterday and I was very excited to try out the new gear! I brought out the Echo3 Saltwater 10wt and the Echo Ion 8/10 Reel to put through the wringer. First impressions are everything and for a 10wt rod, it's lighter than most 8wts! The reel and rod balance perfectly as well, right on the spot of the handle where your index finger would sit.

    When I walked up to the floodway mouth, a fellow fly fisher Brent and his friend were out and I asked if I could join in. There was a lot of carp sitting in the shallows, basking in the sun. They weren't moving, just sitting there, being carp.

    I stripped out a lot of line and started doing some casting. I wasn't too concerned about catching fish, I wanted to see what this baby could do! It didn't take me long to get a good handle on how the rod loaded and I was able to bomb out some 100 footers with very little effort.

    After a little bit of casting I wanted to see how the rod performed with some fish. I caught a few small drum and I was able to just haul em in. The rod barely even bent over. lol.

    I let Brent give the rod a try as well. I love this photo. :P

    It's kind of weird hearing camera clicks while you're casting and fishing. lol. After a while I just tuned it out though and I was able to focus.

    Love the slogan on the back of the Echo hat.
    "You're born, you fish, you die." lol

    I finished off the night with a decent cat, 33". I was using a pretty small hook and only a 12lb leader so I wasn't able to really put the boots to it. The rod handled really nice however and the drag on the reel was awesome. Even with the slow, steady pulls, the drag didn't jerk or stick at all. Nice and smooth.

    I can't wait to get into some monster lakers and big pike up north with this stick and toss ALL of Stu's Zac-attacks!

    Some other shots that Sabrina got. She's awesome.

    And last, Sabrina found a big walleye skull on the rocks. I set it up for an interesting shot.


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    Default Re: New Gear/Photo Shoot

    Great shots Nick...congrats to Sabrina

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    Default Re: New Gear/Photo Shoot

    Those are some excellent shots!
    Less likey, more green dots

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    Default Re: New Gear/Photo Shoot

    Outstanding pictures, nice sharp, clear pic's.....nice work Sabrina and thank you for sharing Didgeridoo
    Popperfly >-<(((((*>

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    Default Re: New Gear/Photo Shoot

    Nice shots, Didger! I just posted a question about the Echo Ion reel as an inexpensive reel for 6/7 WT streamer fishing then I see that you have one. How do you like reel?

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    Default Re: New Gear/Photo Shoot

    She's some photographer! Great eye and nice view point. Awesome cat. Thanks Nick.
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    Default Re: New Gear/Photo Shoot

    Those photos are just outstanding! Hat's off to Sabrina. I especially like the 2nd photo. She really captured you punching out the line beautifully. Looks like you have a nice new setup, congratulations. Thanks for sharing.
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    Default Re: New Gear/Photo Shoot

    Great photos, thanks
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    Talking Re: New Gear/Photo Shoot

    Great photo's and she has a wonderful eye as a photographer. The second picture down is good enough to be a marketing shot for Echo in a fish9ing magazine. That's a really nice cat fish you caught also.

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    Default Re: New Gear/Photo Shoot

    I like the 4th shot too. I swap rods on the water alot. I always like trying a different rod and don't mind letting others test mine out. The only problem is as soon as we swap something happens. I get a creepy feeling in my stomach. I watch every move they make with my gear, like they're talking to my girlfriend or something. LOL
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