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Thread: glass & 'gills

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    Default glass & 'gills

    Took the Lamiglas rod to a farm pond for further experimenting this evening. The rod is custom made using a Lamiglas blank and marked 3wt, but a 3wt line feels like it really overloads the rod. I have a DT2F line on it now and it still feels overlined, so I did a "common cents" measurement on it and came up with a 1 weight from the results.
    I have a WF1F line ordered for it but it hasn't arrived yet, so I took it with the 2wt line to try it on bluegills.
    First one that hit (using a #16 nymph) was 9", and it bent the rod to the cork!

    Next one I thought I had a bass at first, but it was just another 'gill about the same length, but thick & full of fight.

    The action was a bit slow after that, but I did manage to catch a few smaller ones before it got dark.

    I will admit the deerflies had me in the mood to retreat by then anyway. As I was assembling the rod I was feeling a burning sensation on my right bicep. I finally got the line strung and glanced at my arm to see a big deerfly setting there. It flew as I tried to swat it, but there was actually a trickle of blood flowing down my arm where it bit me.

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    Default Re: glass & 'gills

    I have a Lamiglass glass 7' 6" 4wt blank that is waiting to be built. I haven't had the time to get started on it but you can bet I will finish it this winter. Post some pics of the rod up close!


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    Default Re: glass & 'gills

    Only have a couple pics of it in my files.

    It has single foot guides and is a very slow-full flex action. Perfect for those evening trips for bluegill at the ponds & lakes close to home.

    I was surprised at how well it will roll cast the DT2F line when I tried it this evening. Can't wait to try the WF1F line on it, it may be able to get it out for a bit of distance. It will cast the WF3F line about 30' or so, but it gives new meaning to the description SLOW.

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    Default Re: glass & 'gills

    Nice looking stick. Always liked yellow Lamiglass. Seems like your having a great time with it. And I feel your pain with the dang deer flys. They hurt like all get out. And never ever where white when they're around it's a signal for them to feast . I has to boys out on the stream with white socks on and the deer flys were eating there ankles alive! I think they think it's a whitetails butt!
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    Default Re: glass & 'gills

    I've had my Lamiglass "honey" 4wt since 1972 and sometimes I still have trouble adjusting to how slow that rod is, especially after spending some time casting a fast rod.
    Still one of my favorites though, even after 40 years.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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