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    Default Bass 'n' Bugs - June 12th

    Drove out to Nopiming to scratch a bass itch yesterday. I left around 10am and was on the water shortly after noon. Weather was cloudy but the drizzle let up for a while. The road in was a bit hairy but I made it.

    There was three sections of flooded road to cross but it wasn't overly deep. I certainly wouldn't take a car though!

    I started off fishing a pair of deceivers on intermediate line. I was casting shorelines and finally got a big fish to eat off a pair of submerged trees. Unfortunately the hook didn't stick. Of course the first fish of the day always looks the biggest when you lose it so I'll never know how big it was. It was a tank though!

    I switched up to a size 2 Bow River bugger in orange/rusty brown. Within a few casts I hooked up a beauty! A nice 18" smallie. I forgot to bring my net, DOH, so I had to hand bomb all the fish. Luckily I only lost a couple at the tube while trying to lip em.

    The bass were scattered and you had to cast a lot of shoreline to find active fish. I managed 10 from noon til 5pm. Lots of little pike and a small walleye too.

    I noticed a few Hexagenia limbata on the surface, a couple emerged during the day which is a little strange, typically they emerge at night. Later in the evening there was a fair number of spent Hex on the surface. A couple of the bass I caught puked up some Hex spinners.

    I also found a few Callibaetis spinners which I nabbed for a quick photo op.

    Really like how this first photo turned out. Shows the intricacy of their patterning/markings.

    Another callibaetis. This one was pretty banged up though.

    I stopped for supper around 5pm and was back out by 6pm. This time I decided to switch up to the floating line and poppers to see if there would be any takers. The wind died out completely and the bass got active!

    I managed close to 30 fish in the evening, all on poppers. I fished right until 10:30pm when it was almost totally dark. I had strikes up until 10pm but the fish were missing the popper.

    I had some pretty epic action at times. Some of the bass were up in under a foot of water and the strikes were very aggressive. There was a few males still guarding fry. I saw a bunch of fry in the shallows.

    I got up early the next morning and fished from 6 til 8am. I managed another 4 fish but the action was definitely slower. It was drizzling/raining pretty steady and the wind was starting to whip up. I decided to pack it in. I didn't want to get stranded if the water over the road got too high.

    Was a great day trip and got the tell tale "bass thumb" I was looking for!

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    Default Re: Bass 'n' Bugs - June 12th

    Great looking SBs . Wornout thumb tells the story well. Looks like you banged em Nick! Congrats!
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    Default Re: Bass 'n' Bugs - June 12th

    Great report and pictures Didgeridoo.
    That's the thumb I'm always looking for.
    "I don't go to the river to fish, but I do quite a bit of it while I'm there." - Riverbilly

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    Default Re: Bass 'n' Bugs - June 12th

    Been a couple years since I managed to get a thumb like that, that's when the fishing is memorable!

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    Default Re: Bass 'n' Bugs - June 12th

    Nice Nick, the pictures from the new camera are terrific.


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    Default Re: Bass 'n' Bugs - June 12th

    Thanks guys! Was good to get out for bass again! First time this year for me...the latest ever I think! lol. Was too busy troutin'. Might be the only bass trip this year for me too. We'll see. Lots of other "priorities" in the works!
    Don't worry, the priorities are all to do with fishing. lol

    Ard, the camera is pretty awesome! I'm so impressed with the macro abilities. I had the lens about 2cm from the Callibaetis to get that shot. lol. Best way to maximize detail in my opinion. No flash, no zoom. Seems to capture bugs really nice this way!


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    Default Re: Bass 'n' Bugs - June 12th

    What camera are you using?

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    Default Re: Bass 'n' Bugs - June 12th

    Nikon AW100

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    Default Re: Bass 'n' Bugs - June 12th

    Great pictures and bass, Didgeridoo! I never realized Canada had such good bass till a buddy showed me pictures of them from Mt. Tremblant that are colored just like yours. Cheers, Jim

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    Default Re: Bass 'n' Bugs - June 12th

    Thanks. Ya we have some decent bass lakes around here. Southern Ontario has some really good bass fishing.

    In Northwestern Ontario if you mark all the lakes that are adjacent to the railway on a map, you'll find great bass lakes. Back when they were building the railway, they threw bass into the lakes for the workers to have an easy to catch fish to feed the workers. So those lakes have old, established bass populations.


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