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  1. Talking float tubing trip

    I took my step daughter float tubing last week....! She has really come along way with her fishing skills....I don't have to do anything anymore and its so nice!

    Last year she didn't last 30 mins and wanted to leave cause she was tired....she is 13yrs old now. I am so proud of her!!

    Shayna is a trooper here.....

    Catchin fish...!

    Me and shayna in the background.....


    We had a blast!!
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    Looks like a great trip! Some good bonding time

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    Thumbs up! Start them young hooked for life! My 24year old daughter came to visit today and asked when we were going fishing? Gotta love it! Good time for all.
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    Looks like a great trip! Congrats, nothing better than getting to fish with one of your children.

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    Excellent . It's been a while since warm-water fishing, what kind of fish is that?

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    Bluegill.....We caught lots of them and one crappie! She was using my 3 wt and she was having a ball...!

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    Looks like a fun trip, its always good to see the young kids getting out and catching the bug early! Not that I'm all that much older, but its nice to think that not all of the youth are hanging out on the couch playing video games...
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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