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Thread: one heck of a story (Bass Pics)

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    Default one heck of a story (Bass Pics)

    Okay so my buddy came by yesterday wanting to do alittle fishing so I told him to bring an 8 weight and I would do the rest. He just started fly fishing this summer he got a crosswater combo for his birthday (I reccomended it was my first combo and I still use it) It didint take him long to pick up casting and we got him on some nice carp this summer but we were all pretty much done with carp...(All my buddys who come to my spots agreed we have caught enough) so we went in search of bass at spot I scouted a few eeks prior and heard had some good fish. We went into the first ponds but the weeds went too far out to fish effectivly even though we managed two small bass we went to the next one. He was using a smaller green dahlberg diver and I was using a chepo bass popper I bought at gander mountian. We had a large wall of reeds behinde us wich didnt make casting much easier but at least the weeds werent so heavy....I managed to catch a few decent bass and sunnies on my popper but he still had not caught anything............

    I saw a large group of big sunnies so i switched too my mini popper and offered my bass popper to him which he gladly accepted. I managed to get a few more bass and was slaying those sunnies but my friend hadnt had anything in a few hours and was getting frustrated. Now what happens next is the coolest thing I ever heard.........He gets the popper stuck in reeds in his backcast and rips it out, the popper goes sailing forward and lands in front of him and before he turns around a massive smash hits the popper...I could tell just by the noise it was big pluse the bend in his 8 weight. I got over there and got in the weeds to pull it out. I couldent belive my eyes when I lipped it.......

    We estimated 6 pounds the biggest bass of his life on the fly his first time attempting bass fishing with it. We were both so jacked up high fiving it was awsome. As always when im out ad a big fishis landed we leave cause I think we have done enough for the day. We got back and I inspected the popper to see the bass nearly brok it in half I handed it to my buddy and said put it on your mantle thats a fish story of a life time. Another great day here in illinois.......

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    Default Re: one heck of a story (Bass Pics)

    Nice story and awesome fish!

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    Default Re: one heck of a story (Bass Pics)

    WOW I can't wait to get out on Wednesday with my rod, hopefully I will land one half that size!!! Great fish and great story

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    Default Re: one heck of a story (Bass Pics)

    That's a heck of a fish, I love the immediately-post-snag catches! They're awesome, and that's a particularly great one! Tell your buddy congrats from all of us on the forum, or even better, get him to join!
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    Default Re: one heck of a story (Bass Pics)

    Congrats on the awesome Bass and great fishing report!

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    Default Re: one heck of a story (Bass Pics)

    Great story.
    I have some favorite catches from less that perfect cast myself.
    "I don't go to the river to fish, but I do quite a bit of it while I'm there." - Riverbilly

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    Default Re: one heck of a story (Bass Pics)

    awesome bass man..i love trout fishing but man do i love bass fishing too..i need to get me a 8 wt rod so i can trow all the flies i want to!

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    Default Re: one heck of a story (Bass Pics)

    Wow! How about a picture of the popper, too.

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    Talking Re: one heck of a story (Bass Pics)

    Great story and awesome bass and I'm sure he's hooked on fly fishing now for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by piscatorial_phd View Post
    Wow! How about a picture of the popper, too.
    I second the motion... please help us amateurs out haha
    Corbin Hart
    Auburn University Fly Fishing Club
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