I am now 100% sure they are LARGIES (OK Im done.)

I cheated today and took the spinning rod, fished my usual spot and noticed a decent sized fish swimming around and as soon as I saw it I knew it was a largemouth. I tried for about an hour to catch it with no luck. After catching more bluegills than I care to count I decided to walk to the other side of the pond that Ive never fished. Found a nice pile of rock to sit on and fished for a couple more hours. After catching enough gills again to feed an army I was about to give up so I made a few more casts. Too my surprise on one of my final casts/retrieves I watched a pig of a bass swim up and eat my jig about 6 feet out from me. After a quick struggle I had landed what Im guesstimating to be a 13" Large mouth that looked like he had not missed a single meal. Of course Camera was across the pond in the car but I will try and catch another for proof.

I must say though, I enjoy the fights of the smallmouths Ive caught wayyy more! Well see if I can get a big one on the fly rod though.