I’ve just returned from 6 fays of fly-fishing for monster pike at Lac La Martre, Northwest Territories, north of Alberta, Canada. It was an incredible trip, during which I caught 29 pike of 16 pounds or larger, all on flies of course. Nine of those fish were 20 – 23 pounds, and I lost 7 others, some of which were estimated to be over 25 pounds. Overall, I caught 263 pike and 10 lake trout. Other angler caught pike of 29#, 27#, 25# & 24#, and I had shots at fish that large. For those looking for variety and not into fly-fishing, several lake trout over 30 pounds (largest 41#) were taken trolling with conventional tackle.

A complete report is available on my web site: Home Page

The water on Lac La Martre is incredibly clear, so a lot of the action was sight-fishing. What an adrenaline rush to toss a streamer at a huge fish 10 -15 feet away, watch him turn and inhale it. Where possible, we avoided the “little ones” under 8 – 10 pounds! I could have easuily caught another 50 fish if I hadn’t pulled the fly away from them.

These are the best fighting pike I’ve ever encountered, and even small ones (3 -5 lbs) ran line and often jumped. My 23 pounder leaped at the boat, snatching my fly out of the air as I was lifting it from the water. WOW! A detailed report is available on my web site: Home Page.

I’m planning a return trip: June 26 – July 2, 2013, when I will again be hosting a “Fly-fishing week,” with fly-tying instruction of my favorite flies, teaching techniques, and even casting instruction for those who want it. That week is already half booked, so read the full report and contact me if you have interest. Half the week is already booked, and I’ve got 4 -5 guys very interested in joining me next season. I gain nothing from this other than the love of expanding the thrilling sport.