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    Hey guys. New to the forum

    So tomorrow Im leaving for a vacation at Lake Mead. I plan on fly fishing while I'm there. I'll be going after largemouth and crappie/bluegill and if Im lucky I'll catch a striper or two. Anyone got any tips for Lake Mead? Flies? Presentations? etc? Thanks guys

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    I'd look into maybe a carp or two if youre only going for fun (they have a bunch out there) But its a really deep clear lake id throw a popper and deceiver/clouser in the morning, and as the sun moves up id start fishing deeper and slower.

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    If you head downstream just a bit below the big dam, you can find some great tailwater. Look for an area called willow beach. It's on the Arizona side. Lots of good fish caught between the boat launch there and the dam.

    When I lived in Vegas, I spent a lot of time in that area
    Less likey, more green dots

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