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    Default Sink Tip for 9wt Predator

    Hey! Long time lurker.. First time poster...

    I live along the upper Mississippi river.. I would like to take advantage of the great fishing opportunities of the dam systems.. 10' T-14's seem to work fine for the slower.. yet still fast.. spillways.. and I can toss them fine with my 8'3" 9wt Predator that's over-lined with WF10F Precision Pike.. Slows the rod down a bit.. but very comfortable to cast.. my question is what size sink tip should I try or can i get away with on my setup.. This would be in conditions that normally involve the use of jigs/lures in the 1oz+ range.. and 2-4oz sinkers to stay in place... when using conventional tackle... 36000+cfs discharge at the dam.. I'd like to get down as deep as possible or at least be heavy enough to not be instantly spit to shore by the current


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    Default Re: Sink Tip for 9wt Predator

    I would use 28 to 30 feet of T-14 as a shooting head with an intermediate shooting line. That is 392 to 420 grains. Your rod should be handle that. I know of guys who use that much mass on that rod in the California Delta.

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    Default Re: Sink Tip for 9wt Predator

    I don't have the predator but I realy like the Rio Outbound I/S8 in all weights. It's a great line and You can get it for about $50 shipped on Ebay. I use that or the SA T-14 Custom Tip Express, and cut it to between 375gr and 400gr on my 9wt rods(bassically the same theing Mosca posted above).

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