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    Default Re: Landing heavy catch on light rod???

    Another option...
    Since I rarely carry a net and I also build rods...the fear of snapping a rod tip is always in the back of my mind...
    I 'screamed' at my son yesterday as he pulled in a nice 15" smallie. To grab hold of the fish he put the butt of his rod down and 'worked' his way up to the rod tip....ARRRRRGGGGH! I had to remind him that you do not have to 'lift' the fish out of the water to unhook him. It was a nice 'fat-one.'
    When conditions are there and as primarily a wade fisher there are almost always there... I try and land fish by "leading" the fish to a shallow spot and get him to actual land. Once he is 'beached he can be recovered taken and released.

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    Default Re: Landing heavy catch on light rod???

    I fish a lot of Large Mouth and Stripers and high sticking puts less pressure on the fish than you think. If you can use side pressure by keeping the rod and tip lower to the water as well as changing the direction you pull, if they go to the left pull right and v/s. Also a Boga Grip is a great tool for bigger fish. I also put my rod down and hand line them in, haven't busted a tip yet doing it this way.

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    Default Re: Landing heavy catch on light rod???

    Try leveling out your rod and turning your rod so your reel is sideways.. this will allow you to fight lower in the butt with putting almost no pressure on your rod tip... try it out on land.. have someone hold the fly line and pull on it.. hold your rod normally.. you'll see your rod tip bend and feel little fight in the fish.. now turn it sideways.. you'll feel the fish a lot more and there will be little bend in your rod.. you're feeling the fight because the butt of the blank.. the strongest part of the rod.. is doing all the fighting

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