Just a follow-up about my 6 days of fly-fishing for monster pike at Lac La Martre, Northwest Territories, north of Alberta, Canada. As I wrote earlier, it was an incredible trip, during which I caught 29 pike of 16 pounds or larger, all on flies. Nine of those fish were 20 – 23 pounds, and I lost 7 others, some of which were estimated to be over 25 pounds. Overall, I caught 263 pike and 10 lake trout. Other conventional tackle angler caught pike of 29#, 27#, 25# & 24#, and several lake trout over 30 pounds (largest 41#) were taken trolling.
A complete report is available on my web site: Home Page
The dates on my return trip have changed from June 26 – July 2, 2013, to July 14 -20. I will again be hosting a “Fly-fishing week,” with fly-tying instruction of my favorite flies, teaching techniques, and even casting instruction (it’s easier than you think!) for those who want it. I’ve got 4 -5 guys already very interested in joining me next season. I gain nothing from this other than the love of expanding the thrilling sport.
The water on Lac La Martre is incredibly clear, so a lot of the action is sight-fishing. What an adrenaline rush. My 23 pounder leaped at the boat, snatching my fly out of the air as I was lifting it from the water. WOW!
Hope you can join me in 2013. It’s by far the best value for the money ($3,595 for 6 days of fishing, all-inclusive from Yellowknife), and you won’t regret it. I welcome any comments or questions, contact me at: