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Thread: big carp

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    Default Re: big carp

    Very sweet fish! Nice job in getting him to hand. Next on my list of fly fish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbblom View Post
    Nice blog John, you've caught some serious pigs!
    I too enjoy sneaking behind the reeds with barely 9 feet of line out, and seeing the eat. Very fun.

    John is very popular here in Oregon with those who wish to find carp on the fly. He is pretty sneaky about keeping his best water secret.

    Kidding aside, when it comes to carp in OR, he is the man to know and has been a big help to me. I credit what success i have had this year chasing carp, my first, to him

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    Thanks tblom and vans...nice to see some carp threads! The 9 ft 6 inch 7 wt is my rod of choice too...I like that extra length for dapping and I feel lke I am a little more accurate with the longer rod. You guys have some pretty serious carp on the fly guys in CO...I want to get down there some year and check it out. I have been known to travel for rumors of big carp! P and I went to ID this year...not for the Henry's Fork but for mirror carp. CO is on my hit list...
    John Montana

    Carp on the Fly

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    Very nice fish, kinda gets under your skin like Turkey Hunting.

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    I started off using a BIIx 9' 8wy, but the past ttwo months I dropped to a 6 wt.
    The Allen AST 9' four piece is my go to

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    Default Re: big carp

    that allen setup is pretty! My 'pond' gear is kind of affordable and beat up.

    I use a 9' 6wt Cabelas RLS combo often, with a 15' cortland clear sink tip. Very stealthy but hard to see strikes by the end of the line moving. I really like the clear line and seem to get more takes with it.

    I have been fishing some places with tall weeds and willows, and the 9'6" 7wt reddington Redfly has been nice for the reach. Tons of backbone for chucking bigger streamers too (used the same rod for small barracuda and bonefish in the keys and Mexico this summer).
    I finally got a nicer Rio floating 7wt line, amazingly expensive for nice line, but what a difference casting!

    Last few days out have kind of sucked for carp. Either angler error or few fish sighted or both I'm getting pretty good at bonking them right on the head!

    Instagram page @tblom77

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    Good looking gear. I have one Allen reel, nice product! I haven't tried their rods.

    Last outing:

    Little guy, but my buddy did get a 19 lber. They have been tough out here of late as well tbblom...we caught some fish, but nowhere near the volume or size we had been catching a few weeks ago.

    You guys are brave fishing 6 wts! I started using an 8 wt and really like having enough rod to lift their heads up...the 7 does ok, but the 8 is noticeably stronger.

    Hope to get out again soon.
    John Montana

    Carp on the Fly

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    Been tough for me this week. Two or three Carp a day and a bunch of bass
    I did break down and buy some boga grips. The 6wt is doing fine but the eight is a secure feeling for sure.

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    Ditch the boga grip joni. I used one of those when I first started chasing carp, and I regret it. The boga is made for fish with hard mouths, and carp have one of the softest mouths out there. I think you would do less damage to a trout with the boga than you will to a carp. When i used the boga I repeatedly ripped holes in carps lips. It wasn't pretty...the boga is made for toothy critters, it just destroys the soft mouth of a carp.

    Personally, I consider a net essential. I have a McLean net that folds in half and telescopes outward so I can handle a big fish solo without risking my rod at a bad angle. Plus, I can just weigh the fish in the net. I carry a small, light digital scale for that. It is a good system and much less dangerous for the fish than a boga. I think I sold mine on eBay after a few instances of nearly ripping off their mouth.

    Check these out instead:

    Folding Nets

    I have the "hinged ejector net" and I replaced the knotted mesh bag with a rubberized fish friendly mesh bag. Much safer for the fish, and it is bigger than you think. I netted a 25 lber and it fit (barely) the other day. That fish was 34 inches long, but I the head fit in and I was able to land it.
    John Montana

    Carp on the Fly

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    Default Re: big carp

    New pics look great John.

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