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Thread: big carp

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    turbineblade Guest

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    Anytime I see a carp caught on a fly rod I get excited, because I instantly understand the challenge and skill involved in hooking and landing one.

    All anglers should feel that way when they see a carp! Though, truth be told, MOST of the people I speak to seem to appreciate the carp from at least a fighting sense, if not because they think they're desirable to target (they are!). I'd rather catch a large carp with my fly rod than a large brown, rainbow, or any other species.

    Well done! I'm still waiting to catch my first -- having just read this thread for the first time I'm leaning more toward using my 6 weight and my spool of 8-12# test tippet vs. my 3 weight .


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    Default Re: big carp

    yeah dont use a 3wt....ha.

    all my good carp spots are about done for the year now I dont even see them from my perch on the dog walks anymore
    "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

    Storm Drain Bonefisher

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    Stick with it, it took me a few months to figure out my first carp
    But after that they start to come easier as one learns the correct presentation.
    6wt-7wt, 0x-2x fluoro with a small lightweight crayfish pattern (#4-8 hook). 0x may be strong enough to break a rod if you try to fight back too much, but it will help when the fish tries to drag you through fallen limbs, rocks, piers, etc. A clear sink-tip line is my new favorite for carp; it allows for a very short stout leader while staying stealthy.
    smaller than 2x seems to break easily with a hard charge (although maybe I'm just not that smooth!)

    look up member 'mrp1', he has some great videos on how to know when a carp has taken your fly. Body language is everything with carp, as the eat is usually very subtle. You must cast close enough to be seen or intercepted without spooking the fish, and then the bait must 'flee' away from the carp. Crayfish going toward the carp usually freaks them out!

    It pays to invest in nice hooks if you are tying your own. light, sharp, and strong are important.

    Climate change? who knows, I like catching carp late into the fall!

    Instagram page @tblom77

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    Me too. Me too. Here's my first carp on the fly. I just started tying and caught it on a white deceiver of all things. I initially thought I had a decent striper since that's what I was targeting.

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    New spot and smaller Carp, but still the fix I needed before painting the Garage

    Still liking the softhackle Glow Bug

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    hey Big Carp:

    Congratulations on your play and landing of that huge fish.

    That took skill, I know.

    The fact that you took it on the Crawfish Pattern you tied yourself is
    most commendable indeed.

    It is an accomplishment worthy of respect.

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    Sadly, my season is over. Now I have to fish for winter steelhead! Glad some of you are still chasing carp!
    John Montana

    Carp on the Fly

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    Awesome fish!
    Hey y'all watch this

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    Very nice fish,well fought good job.

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